Looks Great, front view not so spectacular The business - truly awesome from all angles!
Presence Big Massive
Engine revving Wider rev range (to 8500 rpm), pulls from 3000 Narrower rev range (to 7000rpm) pulls from 2000
Engine braking Fantastic (don't need brakes) Good (but still need brakes)
Gears 6 5
Torque Oh yes Even more
Engine noise Agricultural at idle, nice whistling note at higher rpm. Gorgeous deceleration burble Like a sewing machine at all times and very quiet.
3000 rpm in 3rd 35 mph 38 mph
5000 rpm in top 80 mph (6th gear) 87 mph (5th gear)
Brakes Naff Excellent plus ABS gives extra confidence
Cold start Poor engine running from cold at low rpm Immediate start, no problems
Oomph Great OK
Slow running Smooth Jerky, surging
Consumption 45 mpg 42 mpg
Drive Chain, useful with such hard engine braking, needs maintaining Shaft, requires control to avoid locking wheel, no maintenance
Suspension Soaks up bumps easily, very smooth. Excessive fork dive on hard braking, rear adjustable Bumpier even on soft settings. Anti dive works extremely well, front and rear adjustable
Headlights Twin 100/80W give daylight view for miles ahead Single 100/80W, better light but only half the starting power.
Taillight Two 20/5W bulbs One 20/5W bulb
Mirrors Larger, vibrate around 4-5K Smaller, no vibration
Horns Two, adequate One, feeble
Handlebars Adjustable Not adjustable
Screen Some noise, protects chest, not adjustable Very noisy but more protection, adjustable, rips jacket open in some conditions
Centre stand No Yes
Sidestand cutout Works if engine in gear Works in neutral (can't leave engine running on side stand)
Front mudguard Ineffective, requires extension OK but could do with extension
Rear mudguard Adequate Useless, mud transferred all over back of bike and rider
Wheels Poor finish, alloy crumbles, hard to clean Superior anodized finish, gorgeous
Tyres Require tubes Tubeless
Low fuel light Comes on with 25 miles left in tank (200) Comes on with 45 miles left in tank (180), glaring
Indicator switches Standard BMW, utterly naff
Hi/Lo light switch Small, poor Large, OK
Ride Entertaining, hairy braking Competent but remote
Riding position Completely at home - higher position, seat height not adjustable OK, seat height adjustable, lower overall position even at highest setting.
Manoevreability Excellent Competent
Steering with weight shift on pegs OK Impossible due to low c of g
Steering lock OK Excellent
Weight distribution High c of g. (as high as it comes!) Low c of g (as low as it gets?)
Cleaning Harder to clean Easier to clean but gets dirtier in the first place