High-resolution studies of autonomic transmission in arteries

Dr K.L. Brain PhD, MB/BS(Hons), BSc(Med)(Hons), BSc

and Ms S. Kobayter

We have adapted the techniques developed in the vas deferens (with collaborator in Denmark) to fill autonomic nerve terminals innervating mesenertic blood vessels (Hansen et al., 2003; Hansen et al., 2004). We know that AM esters of Ca2+ indicators can be loaded into smooth muscle cells can be readily viewed in blood vessels, both from work within the laboratory and published literature (for example (Lamont & Wier, 2002; Lamont et al., 2003)). Hence, the tools necessary for these experiments are available within the laboratory.

Mesenteric Terminals

This figure shows axons orthogradely loaded with Oregon Green 488 BAPTA-1 dextran during transmural field stimulation showing an increase in the intra-terminal Ca2+ concentration during the stimulus train.

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