S-RIP chapter on the QBO and tropical variability

How well observed is the quasi-biennial oscillation (QBO) of tropical stratospheric winds? Modern reanalyses appear to represent the QBO with some fidelity, yet they can differ in various ways from each other, and probably also from reality. We will assess the representation of the QBO in different reanalysis products, comparing the reanalyses against each other and against observations. The results will comprise the "QBO and tropical variability" chapter of the S-RIP Report, which will eventually become part of the SPARC report series.

At the bottom of this page (below the picture) are links to various things, including a list of current contributors and projects being pursued for the chapter. New contributors are welcome - if you are interested, and have expertise in a research field related to the QBO and tropical variability, please get in touch with the chapter co-leads (contact info is below). Before contacting us, please first check the list of current projects to see how you could:

    (1) Contribute to a current project;
    (2) Initiate a new one.
A detailed plan for the chapter is here. This plan is not (yet) set in stone, and we expect it to evolve subject to contributors' interests. Feedback and discussion are welcome.

The QBO/tropical variability chapter co-leads are James Anstey (anstey[AT]atm.ox.ac.uk) and Lesley Gray (GrayL[AT]physics.ox.ac.uk). Feel free to contact us with questions.

The image below shows the QBO in monthly-mean zonal-mean zonal wind as measured by the radiosonde record compiled at Freie Universität Berlin. Red vertical lines and text indicate the names and locations of the sonde stations from which each portion of the data is taken. The grey region early in the record (1953-1955 above 15 hPa) indicates no data. Assimilation of tropical radiosonde data nudges the QBO in reanalysis models toward the state of the observed QBO, helping to overcome the difficulties such models have in simulating the QBO from first principles.

QBO chapter links
    Detailed plan of the QBO chapter
    People involved (i.e. current chapter contributors)
    Projects are listed in the chapter plan (section 5)
    QBO data
    Literature review (draft)

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