OUPC Freshers and Newbies

Trial sessions at the start of Michelmas Term

We hold a series of introductory sessions at the beginning of Michaelmas term to give you an idea what the sport is about without you having to become a full member. Please either sign up at Freshers Fair or email the Captain if you want to attend.

Trial sessions at other times of year

If you missed the introductory course at the beginning of Michaelmas and would like to start shooting in the middle of the year, then please email the Captain .


Each session will cost you £5, until you decide to join up. Membership costs £60 for the academic year (October to September), which covers compressed air, lead pellets, gun hire, and targets. Trips to other ranges cost extra.


There is no obligation to join the club if you come along to some trial sessions, but we hope that you will do so. If you do want to keep coming along, you will need to apply for membership, and you will have to prove you are safe, during the probationary sessions before you can use any of the club rifles. After 3 months you can be elected to full membership, once you have shown that you are safe and with the approval of the committee (don't worry, we're all nice, and as long as you are too, you'll be fine), or if you have shot firearms before with another Home Office approved club or the armed forces.


The range is in the cricket schools at the Iffley Road Sports Complex. In the sports centre, you may have to ask for access through the gates (which are university card operated) depending on whether your card has been activated by the sports department. Go through the gates and onto the running track. Continue straight down the left side of the track (past the seating stand) and the cricket schools is the long building on the left.

What you need to bring

Comfortable clothing, youselves, and an open mind, basically. If it is a really cold day, the cricket schools can get cold, so bring a jumper.

What to expect as a new shooter

Every new shooter needs to have a 5 minute briefing on how to shoot safely. Then we will teach you how to shoot well. From Hilary term, pistol shooting with us is entirely what you make it, some people only shoot socially and recreationally, and you really won't be holding anyone else back if you're not as good as them - we all get the same range time. However we will be training for our Varsity Match with Cambridge.

Most importantly of all

If you ever have a question, ask. One of our main aims as a club is to help new shooters in the university, and we really would rather you ask a question that you think is silly than get it wrong - we probably asked the same questions when we started, anyway.