2012/2013 Results

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ORA Air Pistol Chamionships 2013

The Oxfordshire Rifle Association County Air Pistol Championships were held on the weekend of 4th and 5th May. Four disciplines were shot - Precision, Rapid and Standard courses of fire at 20m and a Precision course of fire at 10m - with prizes being awarded in individual matches and aggregates of all four matches. Lonnie Swift (OUPC) came top in all four matches, giving him victory in the aggregate. Gil-Ad Schwartz (OUPC) took second place in the aggregate, with Oliver Tozer (OUPC) and Phillip Young (OUPC) not far behind in third and fourth places, respectively. This gave OUPC the victory in the team aggregate. Special mention must also be given to Josh More (OUPC) who beat his previous year's score by a huge margin.

Town vs. Gown 2013

Oxford University Pistol Club managed to win our annual competition against Oxfordshire, who this year were represented entirely by members of Harwell TSC. In a good competition with the Standard Pistol course of fire notable scores were achieved by Gil-Ad Schwartz (534), Phillip Young (530) and Xiong Siyi (530).

Smallbore Varsity 2013

In a fairly close competition, unfortunately OUPC lost this year's Smallbore Varsity Match, hosted by Cambridge in the Elizabeth Way Range. Full scores are here.

MLPs and Past versus Present 2012

On 18th November, we visited the British Pistol Club at Bisley once again to be trained in the art of the Black powder Pistol. See above, and also the facebook page for some of the photos. On the 25th, we returned to the Melville range, for the traditional PvP match. The course of fire was unknown until we got there, but would require air pistols, lightweight sports rifles, and centrefire gallery rifles. It turned out to be "Charging Bulls", and a Surrendun course, but with added handicaps of ambidextrous shooting, and speed reloading. Once again, by tradition, the past won, but not without strong competition from OUPC and CURPC - with Gil-Ad Schwartz providing the second highest score of the day.