2014 Results and Awards

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Extraordinary Full Blue Awarded To Oliver Tozer

Congratulations to Oliver Tozer who has been awarded Extraordinary Full Blue Status by the University of Oxford Sports Committee!!

This award is well deserved. In addition to been a committed member of OUPC, Oliver is also on the national development squad. He currently holds the Varsity record for the highest score.

Smallbore Varsity 2014

OUPC won this year's Varsity match against Cambridge. We had an average score of 540, with a top score of 563 and a couple of fantastic scores from Freshers on the A-team. We also won the B-team match by 41 points, and the Ladies match was an awful lot closer than we ever expected it to be (Cambridge had Minerva and Sophie on their A-team), with the final score being Cambridge winning by 17 points.

Special mention is due to Izzy, K., Priscilla, Freddie, Leonard and Victoria who were shooting in their first Varsity matches, and all shot fantastic scores.

Also thanks, as ever, to Cambridge for providing such fantastic opposition, and roll on next year (hopefully we'll break the run of home advantage victories that seems to have gripped the clubs for the past decade or so!)

Town vs. Gown 2014

Thanks to some great efforts by our shooters, OUPC managed to clinch the victory, with special mention going to K. and Freddie who shot in the top 4 shooters despite this being their first year, and to Gil-Ad for shooting the highest score on the day.