Art Groups - schools, colleges and art schools

To help art students focus their efforts we suggest that you book a sketchbook introduction from a member of the Education team.

If you have a particular area of study in mind the Education team can offer short talks focused on particular areas of the collections, such as masks or body art. Please contact our bookings line to discuss your needs.
We recommend that secondary school visits are limited to two hours, and that longer visits split time with other museums and galleries in Oxford.

We have a range of downloadable resources designed for secondary school art groups, please follow the links to find out more.

Booking is essential for all visiting groups, including self-guided visits.

Art materials

The following art materials are permitted in the Pitt Rivers Museum

Graphite pencils, coloured pencils, fine-line pens, biros, coloured paper and card, tissue paper, collage materials such as fabric and string, scissors, water-based glue sticks, staplers. Boards without clips may be used. No wet materials, charcoal or pastels.

If you decide to do collage in the Museum you must ensure that you do not leave any mess behind.

Image from the Thesiger Collection

Using the Museum’s website as an art resource

The Pitt Rivers has a wide range of virtual collections and mini-websites that can be accessed from the Museum’s main website. Three that we would recommend art groups to look at arebody arts - tattoos