'A Stone Age People in New Guinea'
by Beatrice Blackwood, 1936-7

Three reels of 16 mm. cinema film positive (1938.36.1711–1713). Film mostly relating to technology (tool-making etc) among the Anga people (Kukukuku) of the Upper Watut, Papua New Guinea, among whom Beatrice Blackwood conducted fieldwork in 1936-7. Silent. Black and white. Duration 26:22

Beatrice Blackwood’s film notes:

Reel 1. Landing ground at Salaman. Planes and views from them. Arrival at OTIBANDA. Domestic scenes of KUKUKUKU life, eating, hair-dressing, making plaited armlets, net bags, etc., digging up sweet potatoes. Ends with boy swinging bull-roarer in the forest, part of initiation ceremony, the rest of which could not be filmed...

Reel 2. Panorama of view from my house at ANDARORA, KUKUKUKU country. Making bark cloth. Making stone adze blade and hafting it. Making wooden club using stone adze. Making stone club head. Episodes of village life, making bows and arrows, making fire...

Reel 3 (a). Brief shots of BENABENA natives, taken at SALAMAUA: cane-swallowing, making fire, making plaited arm band. (b). NEW BRITAIN, ARAWE TRIBE. Using blow-gun. Binding baby’s head. Making bark-cloth. Coastal scenery. (c). Dances by various tribes of MOROBE District at gathering held in celebration of the Coronation of King George VI, arranged by the District Officer at Salamona. Arrival by canoe, dances, departure.