Culture and Crafts in Manipur, Northeast India
by Ursula Graham Bower (1939)

Collection of films relating to culture and crafts in Manipur, northeast India, shot in 1939 (1939.10.51.1–.4). Features extended sequences relating to Manipur, Kuki, Kabui, Tangkul peoples, including weaving, brass casting, pottery and dance. Silent. Black and white. Duration 50:12


Accession Book Entry - MISS U. V. GRAHAM BOWER … MANIPUR. KUKI, KABUI, TANGKHUL TRIBES. 4 reels of cinematograph film, 16 mm, silent, black-&-white. Includes KUKI spinning, weaving, brass-casting etc. TANGKHUL pottery making, wedding procession, spring festival, dancing etc. Sent at the request of Professor Hutton.

Bower’s film section notes:

00:00 ‘Coolies on the march’
01:00 ‘Kambiron learns to knit’
02:00 ‘Kambiron dance’
03:04 ‘Repairing our camp roof’
04:33 ‘Kuki pellet bows Chongmon’
06:14 elephants
07:36 Teaching European women a dance
08:56 ‘Tamasha in Kakadan’
10:42 ‘Chiru musicians’
12:18 ‘Kuki dance, Kholen Khailet’
14:13 ‘Tangkul spring festival, Ukhrul’
17:13 ‘Kabui weaving, Kambiron’
21:21 ‘Kuki weaving’
24:16 ‘Kuki weaving and spinning (Lushai border)’
26:33 ‘Threading Kuki shuttle’
27:10 ‘Chiru weaving’
28:41 ‘Kabui embroidery’
29:40 ‘Kabui weaving Kakadan’
34:29 ‘Manipuri pottery making, Waikong’
37:25 ‘Kuki spinning’
38:42 ‘Kuki brass casting by cire perdu process’
45:53 ‘Tangkhul pottery making, Nungbi Khunno’
50:12 End

Notes: 'Kuki' is a synonym for both the Thado Chin and the Zome (Zo). However, 'Kuki-Chin' is also an overall Tibeto-Burman linguistic sub-grouping, members of which include the Falam Chin, the Anal, the Aimol, the Biete, the Hrangkhol, the Lamkang, the Vaiphei and the Purum. In this latter sense, though, 'Kuki' is a broad linguistic family rather than just one of two ethnic groups.