The Crafty Networking Initiative

Crafty Networking is an Initiative to support craft-workers, designers and artists to make positive connections with like-minded people. We endeavor to put makers, sellers, bloggers, buyers and enthusiasts in touch to discuss their work, share skills and interests, meet people who may be able to help with the commercial success of their work, and connect them with the rich and inspirational collections at the Pitt Rivers.

Crafty Networking is a collaborative programme between the VERVE project at the Pitt Rivers, the O3 Gallery and Darn It & Stitch. Crafty networking events take places four times a year.


CRAFT: a celebration of traditional craft techniques

Tuesday 12 May, 11.30-15.00

To coincide with the O3 Gallery’s CRAFT: Counterpoints in Contemporary Making exhibition, join us for a day of free activities related to traditional crafts. 11.30 & 13.30 handle craft objects from around the world and watch a screening of rare archival footage, exploring crafts from India and Nigeria. At 14.30 join a curator-led tour of cases that have recently been redisplayed as art of the VERVE: Need Make Use project. These cases feature objects related to working with wood – masks, figurative sculpture and headrests – and leather. No need to book but come along early to join the tour as space is limited.

This event is part of ‘CRAFT: Counterpoints in Contemporary Making’, an exhibition exploring the creation of contemporary art using traditional craft techniques curated by the O3 Gallery. The exhibition runs at their site in Oxford Castle Quarter until 31 May.

Tortie Hare

Thursday 14 May, 18.00-20.00

Join us for a tour of the new leatherwork displays and hear leatherworker Tortie Hoare discuss her craft, inspirations and the development of her business. Tortie works in leather, wood and fabric, creating beautiful stripped back designs. She has taken inspiration from the Pitt Rivers collections and uses historical techniques that you’ll see mirrored in many of the objects on display.


Out of the Dark

Thursday 30 July, 18.00-20.00

Jay Blades, Director of Out of the Dark, discusses the importance of getting new generations involved in traditional crafts, and the transformative effect it can have on their prospects. OTD is a charitable social enterprise repurposing discarded objects and giving them a modern twist whilst training, educating and employing young people form disadvantaged backgrounds. Jay will discuss how OTD founders set up the project and have built the support needed to allow it to continue and flourish.

Carfty networking

Thursday 26 November, 18.00-20.00

Join us at the O3 Gallery in Oxford Castle Quarter for the last Crafty networking event of 2015. We’ll be looking at digital promotion for small craft enterprises and how blogging can help build your business, brand and reputation.


Previous Crafty Networking speakers:

Aimee Payton, organiser of 'The Big Stitch'
Felicity Ford
, creator of Knitsonik
Barnaby Carder, AKA carver 'Barn the Spoon'
Catherine Warrilow, Director of Seriously PR
Sherry Doyle, of Basketry Plus
Phillip Jones, Illustrator