Exhibitions and Case Displays


My Siberian Year, 1914-1915

9 October 2014 - 22 December 2015

Showcase display to mark the centenary of the Oxford and Pennsylvania expedition to Siberia

In May 1914, Polish anthropologist Marie Antoinette Czaplicka set off for Siberia in charge of an expedition to study the reindeer-herding Evenki people. She was twenty-nine years old, had recently completed a diploma in anthropology at Oxford, and had started researching the peoples of Siberia, looking particularly at spirit worship and shamanism. This small temporary display of artefacts and photographs explores the expedition, the extraordinary hardships its members endured, and the Evenki people that were the focus of their research.


A Well-Documented Life: James Arthur Harley (1873–1943)

18 October 2014 – 8 February 2015

Archive Case display

Antiguan-born Harley was one of the first three students to take the University of Oxford’s Diploma in Anthropology in 1908. His personal archive has been loaned to the Pitt Rivers Museum for a special display that illustrates his life and work – as a student, a curate, and a local politician.

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wabamum lake

Scarred/Sacred Water

20 October 2014 – 3 May 2015

Long Gallery (ground floor)

An exhibition of photographic art works by Canadian First Nations artist Tanya Harnett, exploring indigenous experiences of the environmental degradation and water contamination of First Nations land in Alberta, Canada, as a result of subterranean oil and gas exploration.

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Inspiring amulets

15 January – 8 March 2015

Case display (Lower Gallery, First Floor)

After a visit to the Pitt Rivers Museum, Year 10 students from Langtree School spent four months designing and making copper amulets in response to votive offerings in the collections.

With expert tuition from jewellery designer-maker Kate Coker, students learnt techniques of ornamenting and shaping malleable metal by hammering from the reverse side (repoussé) then refining on the front side (chasing) to create a design in low relief. This project forms part of the students’ GCSE Product Design coursework.

oscar winter


29 January – 15 March 2015

Case display (Lower Gallery, First Floor)

A case-display of work by second-year Foundation Degree students at Rycotewood Furniture Centre, inspired by artefacts or functional ‘types’ of object in the galleries. The theme of ‘containing’ encourages us to consider not just the everyday importance of useful containers, for food or possessions, but also the containment of more transient commodities such as light, or emotions.