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The Friends 30th Anniversary Magazine

30th anniversary magazine
Michael O’Hanlon, Penelope Lively and Philip Pullman,
© Studio Edmark

  • Michael Palin
    Treasures from his travels
  • Philip Pullman
    The Infinite variety of the PRM
  • Anthony Pitt-Rivers On his great-grandfather’s role as first Inspector of Ancient Monuments
  • Patrons Penelope Lively, David Attenborough, Barry Cunliffe and Danby Bloch choose their favourite items
  • William Beinhart
    Remembers Kenneth Kirkwood
  • Chris Gosden (Friends’ President);
  • Michael O’Hanlon (PRM Director) and Helen Adams (VERVE) Review past 30 years and look to the future

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Friends' Lectures and Events

18.00 for 18.30

The talks will be held in the Pitt Rivers Lecture Room. Access via Robinson Close, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3P (see map)

Visitors are most welcome. Refreshments served. No parking.
Enquiries: Terry Bremble    01865 390 489


The temple guardians of the Rijksmuseum: the power of Japanese sculpture

Saturday 17 January

Menno Fitski, Curator of East Asian Art, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Menno Fitski will use the Rijksmuseum’s pair of impressive 14th-century Japanese temple guardian figures as a starting point for a discussion of the dramatic change in Japanese sculpture that occurred around 1200 and to explore the expressive, dynamic style that appeared at this time. The temple guardians

This will be followed by the launch of The Temple Guardians, a children’s book by Harriet Impey and Katie Pickwoad

Edith and I

Edith and I: on the trail of an Edwardian traveller in Kosovo

Wednesday 18 February *

Elizabeth Gowing, working on education and cultural heritage projects in Kosovo

Edith Durham was a watercolourist, Balkan traveller, campaigner, author of seven books, first woman Vice President of the Royal Anthropological Institute, and humanitarian aid worker...

One century after Edith Durham's Balkan travels, Elizabeth Gowing has followed her from London to Kosovo - and back again, via the stores of museums around Britain - including the Pitt Rivers - as well as through an Ottoman harem, Serbian Orthodox monasteries and Albanian highland villages.

17.50–18.20 Balkan jewellery collected by Edith Durham may be viewed on the Lower Gallery

Meeting the Makers

Meeting the Makers

Wednesday 15 April

Simon Clements, wood carver and sculptor

An exploration of how one artist uses the museum collection to inform his practice. How do ideas generated by the collection come to be pieces of sculpture; and how does the character and history of the object affect the final outcome? 

*Visitors very welcome but £2 contribution towards costs appreciated. Tea served from 18.00

Spring Away Day

Friends Away Day

The Bate Collection of Musical Instruments

Thursday 19 February 10.00–12.00


The Bate Collection houses Bate Collectionsnearly 2,000 instruments of the European orchestral tradition. This private visit affords the opportunity to explore the collection and play some of the instruments.

Download booking form (PDF)
Closing date: 9 February

Kenneth Kirkwood Memorial Lecture Day


To be He or She? 
A look at some transgender questions

Saturday 7 March 10.00–16.30

In many ancient and pre-modern cultures, individuals or groups with ambiguous gender identities were accorded rights. Today in many countries such people are marginalised and rejected. The talks will touch on ethnographic, biological and political questions of identity and societal responses to transgender people.

£20 (non-Friends £22) Includes buffet lunch

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