Light Fantastic: illuminating dark cases with energy efficient lighting

Boat case

Project date: from late Autumn 2012

The award from DCMS/Wolfson Museums and Galleries Improvement Fund for Light Fantastic will enable new, flexible, energy-efficient LED lighting to be installed into wall cases on all three floors of the Museum.  

Extraordinary artefacts from cultures near and far will be better illuminated, while the greater flexibility of the new lighting will allow the Museum to stage new and more dramatic encounters with the collection.

Welcoming the news, Michael O’Hanlon, the Museum’s Director, said: ‘Generous funding from DCMS/Wolfson has already helped the Museum renew displays cases, signage and walkway lighting.  This latest award will also count as invaluable ‘partnership funding’ if the Museum is successful in its application to the Heritage demon maskLottery Fund for our major re-display project’.

The DCMS/Wolfson Fund, financed equally by Government and the Wolfson Foundation, supports projects which improve the quality of displays, public spaces, collection interpretation and disabled access in museums and galleries across England. Find out more