Manuscript Collections

Webb Papers

Papers of Fr Anthony Damian WEBB (1918–1990), Benedictine monk

  • Six boxes of material relating to travels and research on children’s games and song mainly in the UK, but also in Mediterranean Europe and Africa. Boxes 5 and 6 consist of Webb’s albums of contact sheets and the corresponding detailed documentation

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Full Listing

Box 1

1.  “Italy , Photos of Street Games: Tuscany + Rome”

    1. 31 B4
    2. 31 B5
    3. 19 C2
    4. 19 C4

5.  “Catalogue of Tapes of Street Games from Portugal,Madeira, Azores”
6.  “Catalogue of Tapes from Africa and Gozo (Maltese) and Spain”
7.  “Catalogue of Tapes of Street Games from England and Scotland and Ireland EI/”
8.  “Catalogue of Tapes of Street Games from Italy + Sardinia”

Box 2

  1. 1.  Envelope from Fr. Joseph Cini 1977
  2. Envelope from Badalucco, Italy 1966
  3. Tourist map of Riviera Dei Fiori, Italy
  4. Essay entitled “Giochi Infantili A Capoterra (Cagliari) di Mario Atzori”
  5. Pamphlet for hotels in Malta, 1971
  6. Book from Gozo, Malta, 1971, entitled “Loghob Folkloristiku Ta’ Ghawdex,” Anton Attard, 1969.
  7. Book, “Gozo: A Historical and Tourist Guide to the Island,” Dr. Anthony Gauci, 1969.
  8. Book, “Exploring Gozo” by Roger Parnis, 1966.
  9. Pamphlet, Malta 1970
  10. Pamphlet, Gozo, 1967
  11. Map of Gozo and Comino, 1962
  12. Pamphlet, “Welcome to Malta: Island in the Sun, 1971”
  13. “Malta , Supplementary Tourist Information, 1970”
  14. “The City of Valletta, 1967”
  15. Book, “The Gozo Story: A Short History of Crafts from 2000BC to 2000AD, by Marie Claridge, 1970”
  16. Pamphlet, “Gozo”
  17. Envelope from Portugal, 1959
  18. Envelope from Portugal, 1970
  19. Pamphlet, “Azores: Fayal, Pico, Flores, Corvo/ Portugal”
  20. Map, “Arquipélago dos Açores”
  21. Pamphlet, “Açores: Terceira, Graciosa, São Jorge, 1965”
  22. Map, “Mapa da Ilha de S. Miguel: A Ilha Verde dos Açôres, 1968”
  23. Pamphlet, “Azores, Portugal: Islands of São Miguel and Santa Maria”
  24. Pamphlet, “Açores, Portugal: Terceira, Graciosa, São Jorge”
  25. Pamphlet, “Empresa Insulana de Navegação, Itinerários, 1970”
  26. Map, “Tourist Map of Fayal, Pico, Flores & Corvo Islands, Açores, Portugal”
  27. Map, “Cidade de Ponta Delgada, Planta
  28. Map, “Cidade de Ponta Delgada, Planta
  29. Book, “A Beira do Meu Caminho,” by Ortrud Schaale, 1971
  30. Pamphlet, “Information: Arquipélago dos Açores”
  31. Map, “Madeira: A Pérola do Atlântico”
  32. Map, “Mapa Turístico da Madeira”
  33. Map, “Tourist Map of Madeira”

Box 3

  1. Notebook from Portugal/blue with white polka dots.
  2. Notebook from Portugal/grey.
  3. Notebook from Portugal/green print.
  4. Notebook from Portugal/magenta print.
  5. Card, “R. Medico Avelas”
  6. Card, “Stevo Film”
  7. Card, “Alvaro Trigo e Silva”
  8. Card, “Isabel Maria de Morais Evora”
  9. Card, “P. Manuel Fernandes do Ecuto Soares”
  10.  Card, “Francisco Caetano Tomas”
  11.   Photograph, boats and creature in water
  12.   Photograph, sea crests and cliffs
  13.   Photograph, girl’s communion
  14.   Photograph, volcano and lake
  15.   Photograph, volcano and steam
  16.   Letter fragments (15)
  17.   Letter in envelope, “Correlos, Viana do Castelo, 12,XII, 1959”
  18.   Letter in envelope, “Funchal, Portugal”
  19.   Letter in envelope, “Casa Mendes,Comporta”
  20.   Letter in envelope, “Fundacao Ricardo do Espirito Santo Silva”
  21.   Boat ticket, “Empresa Insulana de Navegacao”
  22.   Plane ticket, “Transportes Aereos Portugueses”
  23.   Sheet music (8 sheets), “Paderinha”
  24.   Notebook from Africa/grey “Africa Colour Films: Films + Tapes”
  25.   Notebook from Africa/brown “Fr. Damian’s African Diary”
  26.   Photograph, view of church exterior
  27.   Photograph, view of people outside church
  28.   Photograph, view of people inside church
  29.   Letter fragment, “Pete Amburo,met for Giraff hunt…”
  30.   Letter in envelope, “Texts Nakuru Children’s Singing Games”
  31.   Letter in envelope, “Anthony’s Letters from Africa—to J.H.W”
  32.   Letter in envelope, “Kisumu Children’s Games in Luo”
  33.   Letter in envelope, “Africa Texts, May 8, 1973”
  34.   Letter in envelope, “Africa Texts, May 14, 1973
  35.   Letter in envelope, “Notes” Edelvale Children’s Games (Nairobi)
  36.   Notebook from Italy/red with white polka dots
  37.   Notebook from Italy/red with circle, star design
  38.   Notebook from Italy/blue marble design with white “memo” box
  39.   Notebook from Italy/blue marble design with gold “memo” box
  40.   Letter/note pieces (8)
  41.   Communion invitation
  42.   Notebook from Spain/tan “Children’s Games from Spain, April 1980”
  43.   Notebook from Spain/red “London 1978 & Spain + Guernsey April 1980”
  44.   Package of sheet music, “Cancionero Infantil”
  45.   Card, “P. Pablo Garcia”
  46.   Card, “Misioneras del Sagrado Coraxon”
  47.   Letter in envelope from “Misioneras del Sagrado Coazon”
  48.   Letter in envelope from “Ms. Carmen Gascon”
  49.   Notebook from Gozo/grey
  50.   Letter in envelope, “Rev: Father Damian/Hotel Phoenicia, Valletta, Malta”
  51.   Letter in envelope, “Rabat Games Texts”
  52.   Letter in envelope from Argentina
  53.   Letter piece from “Bishop of Sinda”
  54.   Photograph,woman in front of building “Haagman, Sept. 1967”
  55.   Card, “Joseph Walter Binns”
  56.   Card, “Joseph & Maria Emma, Susan, Helen & Grace Binns”
  57.   Notebook from Ballyheigue & Tralee, Eire/pink

Box 4

  1. Manuscript music book/blue: “guitar”
  2. Sheet music, parts for “Spanish”
  3. Sheet music, parts for “Portuguese”
  4. Sheet music, “from “Favourite Nursery Rhymes””
  5. Sheet music, unspecified pieces
  6. Sheet music, single sheets from various latin,language sources
  7. Sheet music, single sheets from English,language sources
  8. Texts/translations, loose sheets: Portuguese
  9. Texts/translations, loose sheets: Spanish
  10. Texts/translations, loose sheets: Maltese
  11. Texts/translations, loose sheets: numbered collections
  12. Texts/translations, loose sheets: misc.
  13. Texts/translations, collections bound/unbound: Portuguese
  14. Texts/translations, collections bound/unbound: “Anghiari, 25 Settembre 1961”
  15. Texts/translations, collections bound/unbound: “Italy, 1961, Tuscany and Rome, Street Games” (unbound)
  16. Texts/translations, collections bound/unbound: “Italy, 1961, Tuscany and Rome, Street Games” (bound)
  17. Texts/translations, collections bound/unbound: Italian
  18. Texts/translations, collections bound/unbound: “Sardinia, 1962, Street Game Texts”
  19. Texts/translations, collections bound/unbound: Portuguese, “As Lavadeiras”
  20. Texts/translations, collections bound/unbound: Portuguese, [cover] “Boia, Boia”
  21. Texts/translations, collections bound/unbound: Portuguese, [cover] “As Lavadeiras”
  22. Texts/translations, collections bound/unbound: “Portugal: Series 1”
  23. Texts/translations, collections bound/unbound: “Portugal: Series 2”
  24. Texts/translations, collections bound/unbound: “Children’s Traditional Singing Games, Recorded in Kenya, East Africa in 1972”
  25. Reference material
  26. Letters

Box 5

  1. Notebook, “35mm Film Catalogue with Contact Prints, Vol. 1: Film 1,40”
  2. Notebook, “35mm Film Catalogue with Contact Prints, Vol. 2: Film 41,80”
  3. Notebook, “35mm Film Catalogue with Contact Prints, Vol. 3: Film 81,115”

Box 6

  1. Notebook, “35mm Film Catalogue, Vol. 4: Africa, Film A1,A34”
  2. Notebook, “35mm Film Catalogue, Vol. 5: Film 116,150”
  3. Notebook, “35mm Film Catalogue, Vol. 6: Film 151,[154]”