Saturday Spotlight Talks


Trench Art spotlight

People in Objects:
First World War Trench Art

20 June, 14.30

Dr Nicholas Saunders (University of Bristol) specialises in conflict archaeology and social anthropology. His interest in the cultural memory of 20th-century conflict begins with First World War 'trench art’. This talk examines how these 3D objects embody the different experience of war for makers and consumers. Dr Saunders’ archaeological investigations, collecting and research have led to collaborations with the Pitt Rivers Museum, the Imperial War Museum, Flanders Fields Museum (Belgium) and Historial de la Grande Guerre (France).


July spotlight

Preserving What is Valued

18 July, 14.30

Heather Richardson, Head of Conservation at the Pitt Rivers Museum, will talk about a temporary exhibition on the museum’s lower gallery showcasing original repairs found on objects in the Pitt Rivers collections. Part of a conservators role is to determine at what stage a repair to an object has been made and it is something they strive to preserve. Finding examples of repairs from originating communities can give the object a deeper resonance while also raising various questions. Why was this object repaired by its original owners rather than replaced? Is it a fine example of craftsmanship or is it a sacred object?