Saturday Spotlights


Nessmuk: Learn how to build own tiny canoe

Nessmuk: Learn How to Build Your Own Tiny Canoe!

19 April, 14.30

Local artist maker and craftsman Simon Clements will be talking about the techniques and materials used in making stitched and glued canoes illustrated with model canoes from the Pitt Rivers collection.  

These were the original Native American "Utility vehicle" - come along and find out how to make your own and learn more about the boat collection here at the museum.


SpotlightPaper mulberry fibres from barkcloth (1886.1.1248)
© Caroline Cartwright


Conserving Curiosities - Investigating the Cook-Voyage Collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum

21 June, 14.30

A recent two-year project, funded by the Clothworkers' Foundation, allowed Jeremy Uden, Deputy Head of Conservation, to conserve and investigate the Cook-voyage collections at the Pitt Rivers. He will talk about his research, and fascinating new information gained about the objects.

Come along and find out more about this historic and important collection through the eyes of a conservator.

The Cook voyage collection is due for redisplay in the museum soon.


Iron Here and There

20 September, 14.30

Sculptor & director of The Bullpen foundry, Wesley Jacobs will talk about the alchemy of casting iron sculpture, running furnaces, wielding and manipulating metal and how it draws people into its magic and mystique.

Wesley was awarded a 2013 Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship to undertake practical research into current iron casting practice in the USA. Since return to the UK, he has been putting into practice his experience, having built a new furnace and teaching at his small foundry near Abingdon.