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This is the somewhat awkward part of the site where I point you at the more useful sections devoted to particular topics.

Gaelg, Manx

Cooid, greieyn as kianglaghyn 'sy Ghaelg as bentyn ree. Ta'n ynnyd shoh goaill stiagh skeealyn noa as çhyndaait aym, obbraghyn Ned Beg Faragher ennagh, artyn beg oaylleagh as ny smoo. Ta mee cur stoo noa er cho mennick as noddym (agh cha nel shen feer vennick).

Manx resources, tools and links. This site includes original and translated stories in Manx, some of Ned Beg Faragher's writing, short scientific articles and more. I add more content as often as I can (which isn't often).


This part of the site contains links to interesting sites relating to science, technology, books, films, comics and other things I find interesting.

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