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Bisclavret started life as a scholar of history. A peaceful man, he nevertheless guarded a dreadful secret; he is a werewolf, and doomed to change into a wolf at the full moon of every month. However, his secret was safe as long as he could find his clothes after his transformations, allowing him to resume human shape. When his wife grew tired of their marriage, having fallen in love with another man, she decided that the best way out was to hide her husband's clothes and force him to remain a werewolf for evermore. However, her plan was only partially carried out: Bisclavret found half of his clothes, allowing him to pass for a Tiefling as long as nobody looked too closely at him. Realising what his wife had done, he renounced his marriage and trained as a warrior, using his newfound wolfish tendencies to great effect. He is now an accomplished fighter and a great tactician. A good leader, and calm in battle, he nevertheless cannot repress a hint of sadness and regret for his former life every now and then, which he usually assuages by submerging himself in history books.

Bisclavret has travelled a lot and ended up as an adventurer due to his restlessness. Despite his savage appearance, he is courteous and well-spoken, although when extremely angered he reverts to a wolfish state. When he is very excited about something, he wags his tail like a puppy. His hobbies are reading, baying at the moon, and the consumption of steak. His ambitions are to write a classical symphony for wolfman and orchestra, to rid the world of evil, and to find the rest of his clothes so that he can publish his monograph on the early history of the world without raising too many eyebrows in an academic environment.

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