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Fys er yn ynnyd-eggey shoh / Information about this page

Ta'n ynnyd-eggey shoh gobbraghey dy share lesh Firefox. Foddee oo dy ghoaill ec Mozilla.com; t'eh seyr.

Failt ort fys er marranyn y chur dou, ny eieyn, artyn, skeealyn as y lheid y chur dou. Cha nel mee soit er freayll reddyn dou hene dy row peiagh erbee ayn as by vie lhiat reddyn y yannoo. Nee'm jeeaghyn er red erbee (wahll, faggys!) by vie lhiat cur dou as smooinaght er cur eh er yn ynnyd-eggey. Chammah, nee'm smooinaght er cur Gaelg er reddyn 'sy Vaarle ny çhengaghyn elley (choud's noddym shen y yannoo).

By vie lhiat fys dou y chur? Dy feer? Wahll, cha mie lhiam my post-l er yn ynnyd-voggyl y chur er coontey spam as y lheid. Agh foddee oo feddyn mee dy aashagh er http://www.ox.ac.uk/ my vees oo shirrey "John Shimmin".

Mannagh vel Gaelg ayd, foddym lhaih Baarle (English), Germaanish (Deutsch), Bretnish (Cymraeg), Frangish (Français), beggan Iddaalish (Italiano) as beggan Sheenish (Putonghua). Fir elley - nee'm my share agh cha noddym cur gialdyn erbee dhyt!

This page displays best with Firefox. You can get it at Mozilla.com; it's free.

You're welcome to let me know of any mistakes, or send me ideas, or submissions for the site. I'm not determined to keep the site to myself if there is anyone who wants to contribute. I'll look at anything anyone wants to send in (within reason!) and consider adding it to the website. I'll also consider producing translations for the website (with my limited ability).

Would you like to contact me? Really? Well, I'm not for putting my email address on the internet because of spam and the like, but you can find me easily if you go to http://www.ox.ac.uk/ and search for "John Shimmin".

You don't speak Manx? I can also read English, German (Deutsch), Welsh (Cymraeg), French (Français), some Italian (Italiano) and some Mandarin (Putonghua). Other languages - I'll do my best but I can't make any promises!

Fys orrym pene / Information about me

Cha nel mee son cur ram fys orrym pene er yn eddyr-voggyl, agh shoh beggan mymychione. She çhengoayllee ancheirdagh as ard-jeeaneyder çhengaghyn mish. Ta mooinjer Vanninagh aym, agh cha nee Manninagh t'ayn. Ghow mee toshiaght ynsaghey'n Ghaelg mysh tree bleeantyn er-dy-henney; cha nee loayreyder glen t'ayn, agh nee'm my share. Cha nel Sostyn ny boayl mie son ynsaghey Gaelg, noadyr!

I'm not inclined to put much personal information on the internet, but here's a bit about me. I'm an amateur linguist and language enthusiast. I have Manx relations, but I'm neither a Manxman nor a fluent speaker; I do my best but only started learning around three years ago. Besides, England doesn't present much opportunity to practice Manx!

(c) 2007-12 John Shimmin. Dagh kiart tashtit; cha nel mee credjal dy vel erbee aym, agh er aggle ny haggle.