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Nee loayreyder myn-hengey ennagh uss? Vel eie ayd er shalee co-obbraghey? Cur fys dou as failt ort.
Cha nel mee toiggal / I don't understand!

She myn-hengaghyn bun y ghuillag shoh - dy ghra myr shen, Áhengaghyn gyn monney sleih nyn loayrt, ny Áhengaghyn nagh vel ard-hengey Áheer erbee. Agh ta mee jannoo ymmyd lheean jeh'n cheeayll. By vie lhiam cooney sleih as anaase oc er Áhengaghyn, chammah as eer ny Áhengaghyn hene, foddee. Myr shen, bee'm cur ayns shoh kianglaghyn da cooid bentyn rish lheid ny Áhengaghyn. My ta fys ayd er eddyr-voggylyn mie bentyn rish myn-hengey ennagh, ny myn-hengaghyn trooid as trooid, cur fys dou, my saillt!


Gaelg: By vie lhiam gra daa red.
'sy chied ynnyd: er lhiam dy nod loayreyderyn vyn-hengaghyn cooney ry-cheilley liorish maylartey eieyn, ny Áhyndaa reddyn eddyr ny Áhengaghyn. Choud's ta fys aym, ga dy vel shin jannoo eab Gaelg er reddyn y chur, ta shin goaill lheid ny reddyn jeh ard-hengaghyn (Baarle as y lheid) son y chooid smoo - er y fa nagh vel myn-henaghaghyn elley ain, son y chooid smoo. Agh ta shen aaniartaghey kioneys ny ard-hengaghyn; ta'n cultoor oc goll er skeaylley stiagh ayns myn-hengaghyn, tra nagh vel skeeayllyn as obbraghyn ny myn-hengaghyn ry-lhaih agh da loayreyderyn hene. Cre mysh cur Gaelg er skeealyn Dinť bizaad ny Warlpiri? S'cosoylagh dy vel shimmey skeeal ayndaue by vie lhiam lhaih eh.

'sy nah ynnyd, ta anaase mooar aym er myn-hengaghyn, agh cha nel eh aashagh feddyn cooid bentyn roo. Cha 'saym er ynnyd-eggey erbee ta kiangley myn-hengaghyn (t'ad kiangley possan er lheh, myr sampleyr, Áhengaghyn Celtiagh), as cooid da loayreyderyn vyn-hengaghyn. Myr shen, derrey vowym y lheid, t'eh foym jannoo eh ayns shoh. Ta mee kiart er ngoaill toshiaght shen y yannoo, ta ram ry-yannoo aym foast.

English There are two point to make here.
First, it seems to me that minority language speakers could help each other by exchanging ideas, and perhaps translating between their languages. As far as I know, although people have (for example) translated a fair bit of writing into Manx, we usually take the sources from major languages like English. This is perhaps because we don't tend to speak several minority languages. But this partly helps reinforce the dominance of the major languages and cultures, by spreading their culture while minority writing is usually only available to the speakers themselves. What about translating works from Dinť bizaad or Warlpiri into Manx? I'm sure there's plenty of things I'd enjoy reading from them.

Second, as a person with an interest in minority languages, I've had quite a bit of trouble finding resources. As yet I don't know of any site that provides links to minority languages in general (rather than specific groups, such as Celtic) or to resources for minority language users. Until I find one, I will add links here that seem useful. This is very much a work in progress.

Cha nel mee toiggal / I don't understand!

Here are brief translations into other languages. I apologise for any mistakes. Please correct me! I'm happy to add any other translations offered.

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Ta kianglaghyn ry-akin 'sy rheynn kianglaghyn myn-hengaghyn.

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