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The Library

The Journals of W. Corbitt

These three handwritten journals were found in the "old Corbitt House" at 4 Rose Place, Ealing. They are in the name W. Corbitt. Their author appears to be the first occupant of the house, a man with a reputation for witchcraft and nefarious behaviour. He was involved with the cultish Chapel of Contemplation, and was buried in the basement of the house, where he allegedly lived on as an undead fiend that haunted the subsequent owners of the house. His dessicated corpse was destroyed during an investigation of the house. They are apparently diaries or journals, written in crabbed script in a rather archaic manner. They are extremely strange works; a bizarre mixture of tedious everyday ramblings, occasional entertaining social commentary, and fantastical occult babbling. The author's sanity seems questionable, and making any sense of the journals is a long process.

The journals take 2D6 weeks to study, or three days to skim for content.

Currently in the possession of: Encyclopaedius

Status: Partially read

Contents: Unknown

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