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Graduate Students
These are some of my graduate students and some information about their work:
Barbara Zarate Tenorio.

Dissertation: “Social Policy, Protest Participation and Violent Crime in Latin America.”

Completed in 2015. Co-supervised with Martin Seeleib-Kaiser.

Irene Menendez Gonzalez.

Dissertation: “The Politics of Compensation under Trade: Openness, Economic Geography and Spending.”

Completed in 2014. Co-supervised with Pablo Beramendi.

Francesc Amat.

Dissertation: “Redistribution in Parliamentary Democracies: The Role of Second-Dimensional Identity Politics.”

Completed in 2013. Co-supervised with Pablo Beramendi.

Ignacio Jurado.

Dissertation: “The Politics of Distribution.”

Completed in 2012.

Timo Idema.

Dissertation: “Brain Power: The Political Economy of Higher Education.”

Completed in 2011.

Lucie Cerna.

Dissertation: “The Governance of High-Skilled Immigration Policies in Advanced Industrial Countries.”

Completed in 2009. Co-supervised with Martin Ruhs.

Tim Hicks.

Dissertation: “Strategic Partisan Policy Seekers.”

Completed in 2009. Co-supervised with David Soskice.  

Roger Barker.

Dissertation: “Competition, Parties, and the Determinants of Change in European Corporate Governance: A Macro-Comparative Analysis.”

Completed in 2008.

Marco Hernandez.

Dissertation: “The State, Capital, and Economic Statecraft: The Political Economy of State-Business Relations in Peru and Chile.”

Completed in 2008. Co-supervised with Rosemary Thorp.

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