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Work in progress

· Preferences that Matter: Inequality, Redistribution and Voting,” (with Daniel Stegmueller).

· The Effects of Income Expectations on Redistribution Preferences in Western Europe,” (with Daniel Stegmueller and Timo Idema). APSA 2014.

· “The People You Are: Personality Traits as Determinants of Redistribution Preferences,” (with Raymond M. Duch).

· “Automation and the Welfare State:Technological Change as a Determinant of Redistribution Preferences,” (with Stefan Thewissen).

· “Automated but Compensated? Technological Change and Redistribution in Advanced Democracies,” (with Stefan Thewissen).

· “Public Opinion, Party Politics,and the Welfare State” (with Johannes Lindvall).



· “Who Wants What? Redistribution Preferences in Comparative Perspective,” book manuscript (with Daniel Stegmueller).


· “Social Democracy Inside Out: Partisanship and Labor Market Policy in Industrialized Democracies.” 2007. Oxford University Press.
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Journal Articles:

· “Food Comes First, Then Morals: Redistribution Preferences, Parochial Altruism and Immigration in Western Europe,” The Journal of Politics, forthcoming.

· “The Altruistic Rich? Inequality and Other-Regarding Preferences for Redistribution” (with Matthew Dimick and Daniel Stegmueller), Quarterly Journal of Political Science, 11, 4(2016): 385-439.

· “The Externalities of Inequality: Fear of Crime and Preferences for Redistribution in Western Europe” (with Daniel Stegmueller), American Journal of Political Science, 60, 2(March 2016): 472-489.

· "Replication data for: The Externalities of Inequality: Fear of Crime and Preferences for Redistribution in Western Europe," Harvard Dataverse.

· “The State of the Welfare State: Unemployment, Labor Market Policy and Inequality in the Age of Workfare,” Comparative Politics, 47, 3(April 2015): 296-314.

· “Dualization, Crisis and the Welfare State,” Socio-Economic Review, 12(2014): 381–407.

· “Inequality and Institutions: the Case of Economic Coordination” (with Pablo Beramendi). Annual Review of Political Science, 17(2014): 251-271.

· “The Insider-Outsider Dilemma” (with Johannes Lindvall). British Journal of Political Science, 44, 2(2014): 460-475.

· “The Politics of Inequality: Voter Mobilization and Left Parties in Advanced Industrial States (with Jonas Pontusson). Comparative Political Studies, 43(June 2010): 675-705 .

 · Left Government, Policy, and Corporatism: Explaining the Influence of Partisanship on Inequality.” World Politics, 60 (April 2008): 349-89.

 · Cheap Labor: The New Politics of ‘Bread and Roses’ in Industrial Democracies” (with Desmond King). Perspectives on Politics, 6 (June 2008): 279-97.

 · “Social Democracy Constrained: Indirect Taxation in Industrialized Democracies” (with Pablo Beramendi). British Journal of Political Science, 37 (October 2007): 619-41.

 · “Social Democracy and Active Labour Market Policies: Insiders, Outsiders, and the Politics of Employment Promotion,” British Journal of Political Science, 36 (July 2006): 385-406.

 · “Insider-Outsider Politics in Industrialized Democracies: The Challenge to Social Democratic Parties,” American Political Science Review, 99 (February 2005): 61-74.

 · “Comparative Political Economy of Wage Distribution: The Role of Partisanship and Labour Market Institutions” (with Jonas Pontusson and Christopher Way), British Journal of Political Science, 32 (April 2002): 281-308.

 · “Wage Inequality and Varieties of Capitalism” (with Jonas Pontusson), World Politics, 52 (April 2000): 350-83. 

Book Chapters:

· “The Origins of Dualism” (with Erik Wibbels and Melina Altamirano), in Pablo Beramendi, Silja Häusermann, Herbert Kitschelt and Hanspeter Kriesi (eds.), The Politics of Advanced Capitalism. Cambridge University Press, 2015.

· “West European Welfare States in Times of Crisis,” in Nancy Bermeo and Jonas Pontusson (eds.), Coping with Crisis. Russell Sage Foundation, 2012.

 · “Insider-Outsider Politics: Party Strategies and Political Behavior in Sweden” (with Johannes Lindvall), in Patrick Emmenegger, Silja Häusermann, Bruno Palier, and Martin Seeleib-Kaiser (eds), The Age of Dualization. Oxford University Press, 2011.

 · “Political Agency and Institutions: Explaining the Influence of Left Government and Wage Bargaining on Inequality,” in Pablo Beramendi and Christopher J. Anderson (eds), Democracy, Inequality and Representation. 2008. Russell Sage Foundation.

 · “Inequality as a Source of Political Polarization: A Comparative Analysis of Twelve OECD Countries” (with Jonas Pontusson), in Pablo Beramendi and Christopher J. Anderson (eds), Democracy, Inequality and Representation. 2008. Russell Sage Foundation.

Other publications:

· “Labor Market Institutions and Economic Performance” (with Irene Menendez), in Jennifer Gandhi and Rubén Ruiz-Rufino (eds), Routledge Handbook of Comparative Political Institutions. 2015. Routledge.

· Review Symposium on Kathleen Thelen’s “Varieties of Liberalization and the New Politics of Social Solidarity,” Socio-Economic Review 13(2), 2015.

· “El precario, un nuevo sujeto politico,” La Maleta de Portbou, Noviembre/Diciembre 2014 (8).

· “The insider-outsider dilemma” (with Johannes Lindvall), Policy Network Obervatory. July 18, 2013.

· “Motsättning mellan arbetande och arbetslösa dilemma för S” (with Johannes Lindvall), DN Debatt, op-ed piece. April 4, 2013.

· “Dualization and crisis,” Swiss Political Science Review, 2012 18(4): 523-30.

· “Dualización, socialdemocracia y políticas activas del mercado de trabajo,” Fundación Alternativas, Colección Política Comparada 1 (2011): 1-13.

· “¿Hacia un nuevo modelo productivo?” (with Pablo Beramendi), El País, op-ed piece. August 29, 2010.

· “El pozo, el perro y las pulgas” (with Pablo Beramendi). El País, op-ed piece. May 20, 2010.

· “Cheap Labour is Europe’s Outsider Class” (with Desmond King). Financial Times, op-ed piece. September 7, 2006.

· “Die Spaltung der Sozialdemokratie in Insider und Outsider: Beschäftigungsförderung und Großbritanniens‚ Third Way’.” Berliner Debatte Initial, 17 (2006): 199-206.

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