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Welcome to the web-site of Oxford Polymer Network: your gateway to current research on polymers and and polymer-related materials within Oxford University.

Who are we?

Oxford Polymer Network is the informal, inter-departmental association of researchers studying polymers in Oxford University.

Scientists and engineers at Oxford are active in many exciting areas of polymer research. A distinctive feature of polymers is the strong interdependence of their chemical and physical structures, their processing into products, and their final properties in use. Therefore we believe strongly in the benefits of inter-disciplinary collaboration in polymer research. Oxford Polymer Network was formed some years ago to facilitate this within Oxford University. Currently, seven departments of the university are represented in the Network. Details of participating groups can be found on the web-pages listed on the Research Groups web page of this website.

How can we help you?

Visitor? This site will be a convenient way for you to find out about Oxford University’s polymer research. Perhaps you are a prospective PhD student considering where to study. Or perhaps you work for a company looking to commission a new research project. Or again, perhaps you are just inquisitive to find out what is going on at Oxford. If polymers are your interest, then use this web-site to find the research group that offers what you need. Still unsure, after consulting the Research Groups web-page? Do not hestitate to Contact Us directly.

Already a member of Oxford University? This site will help you find out what polymer research is going on at Oxford, and how you can benefit from the inter-departmental collaboration: e.g. termly Inter-departmental Polymer Seminars, the annual Oxford Polymer Workshop, a list of research equipment available…Consult the Internal Pages.

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