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Graduate Studies: The D.Phil. in Philosophy of Physics

Students normally proceed to the D.Phil (equivalent to the Ph.D. degre) having completed the B.Phil. In such cases, the doctoral dissertation is usually a development of the B.Phil dissertation. It is possible for students who have already done postgraduate work in philosophy or philosophy of physics to proceed directly to the D.Phil, however. In exceptional cases it may even be possible for candidates with no formal postgraduate qualifications in philosphy to enter the D.Phil program; they should, however, have formal postgraduate qualifications in physics.

A framework for exchanges of D.Phil students with their counterparts in the Philosophy Department of Princeton University is now in place, as part of the Oxford-Princeton research partnership in philosophy of physics. This may have a bearing on your choice of research topic; you should consider carefully the research interests of the relevant faculty members at Princeton, as well as at Oxford.

D.Phil students are usually scattered in different colleges, but meet weekly in term-time at the discussion group and research seminar.

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