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Approaches & Applications

jesus college, Oxford, 15-18 july 2005

Organised by the Prosopography Centre of the Modern History Research Unit

(University of Oxford)








The conference takes place in one of the most picturesque colleges in Oxford – Jesus College, founded in 1571 by Elizabeth I. Located in the very heart of Oxford centre, Jesus College will offer warm welcome to conference participants who can also chose to be housed either directly on campus or in college properties on Ship Street. For the virtual tour of Jesus College please follow this link: http://www.chem.ox.ac.uk/oxfordtour/jesus (please note that the panoramas require Apple QuickTime which is available as free download for both Apple and Windows). For more information on Jesus College please visit the official website: http://www.jesus.ox.ac.uk Downloadable map (PDF) with directions to Jesus College from Bus and Railway Station is available here.


Please note that if you do not want to stay at Jesus College we strongly advise you to book your accommodation well in advance. July is a very busy tourist season in Oxford, and the majority of hotels and guest houses are booked out several months in advance. Unfortunately, we are not able to answer queries regarding the best or the cheapest places to stay in Oxford.


If you need to stay somewhere for the night before the conference (i.e. 14 July) this can be arranged with Jesus College at Bed & Breakfast rate of £49.00 so that you won’t have to move again. Do let us know by email so that we could send you a special invoice and arrange for this with College as soon as possible. As there are no double rooms, please note that accommodation is strictly one person, per room.


College and Ship Street Accommodation


Jesus College owns many of the properties along Ship Street, at the west end of which stands the church of St Michael at the Northgate, once the location of the old city's northern gate. These properties are renovated to a high standard and are within few minutes walk from college. Participants of the conference will be also accommodated in all quads of the college. Room facilities - the beds are made, mostly with duvets, but some with blankets.  Towels, soap and shampoo is provided.  There is a wash basin in every room, and bath/shower rooms are nearby.


Useful Information


If you choose to stay at Jesus College for the time of the conference, the following information might be useful.


The rooms are serviced daily. On the day of departure rooms must be vacated by 9 am; a room can be provided to store bulky luggage if required. Car parking within the College is limited to two cars, but another 20 slots can be provided off the road on College property approximately one mile away (buses to the City Centre run every ten minutes). If you need parking, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can check with college if parking permits are available. The Porters' Lodge, at the entrance to the College, is manned 24 hours a day. Porters are only too pleased to assist in any way and are a fount of knowledge. Phone cards and postage stamps can be purchased from the Lodge. There are two card phones and one coin box phone in the College. There are vending machines in the JCR for confectionery, cold drinks and hot drinks.




All meals (apart from coffee/tea breaks) will be served in College Hall, which boasts its panelled walls and priceless old paintings. On the north wall hangs a portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, from whose reign the College dates. Other portraits include former Principals, Fellows and Benefactors. We will provide a sample menu for dinner as soon as possible.

Please note that some dishes may contain nuts or products derived from nuts; if you are allergic to nuts of any description, please check the ingredients of particular dishes with the Butler/Hall Manager.


Fees Explained.


There is a variety of options available to conference participants to cater for their personal preferences and requirements. You should chose one when registering for the conference.

* Full Board. The full board at Jesus College is priced at £82.50 for 15-16 July and £86.50 for 17 July. The slightly higher charge for 17 July is due to the final conference dinner with candles and wine (optional at extra cost per bottle). It includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and tea breaks during the conference. This option offers the best value for conference participants.

* Bed & Breakfast. This is the option for those participants who would like to stay at college accommodation but do not want to attend conference breaks or main meals. It is priced at £49.00. Breakfast will be served in Hall and is available in two options: continental and English.

* Day Rate. This option includes only lunch with tea/coffee breaks at £28.00 and is suitable for the participants who are staying elsewhere in Oxford but would like to attend conference lunch and breaks.

* Dinner Only. This option only at £20.50 for 15-16 July and £24.50 for 17 July is available for the participants who are staying elsewhere in Oxford and do not want to attend conference breaks and lunch. Dinners at Jesus College are always unforgettable experience. They include three courses with vegetarian option and are fully serviced by waiters. The final conference dinner (at a slightly higher charge) will be candle-lit with the possibility to sample wine stored in college cellars (at additional charge per bottle).

* Day Rate + Dinner. This option is available for the participants who are staying elsewhere in Oxford but would like to attend all conference meals (breakfast excluded) and all conference breaks. It is priced at £48.50 for 15-16 July and £86.50 for 17 July. The slightly higher charge for 17 July is due to the final conference dinner with candles and wine (optional at extra cost per bottle).

Overall, the Full Board rate offers the best value for money and is completely hassle-free. If you choose Bed & Breakfast, Day Rate or Dinner Only – please note that it will not be possible for you to change your meal preferences during the conference because we provide college chef with strict numbers well in advance (taking a meal/coffee or tea break for which you have not paid will result into leaving the person who has paid without food). We strongly advise that you consider all options carefully before making a final selection. If you have any questions, do contact us without hesitation.


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Email: prosop@history.ox.ac.uk