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Approaches & Applications

jesus college, Oxford, 15-18 july 2005

Organised by the Prosopography Centre of the Modern History Research Unit

(University of Oxford)









There still some places left, if you want to register please send your registration form and deposit as soon as possible.


You can download the registration form (RTF) here. Please make sure that you submit your registration form with registration fee and that you have paid the 25% deposit . We accept payment in British Pounds only. Cheques must be made payable to 'Oxford Prosopography Conference'. If you wish us to invoice you via PayPal system, please indicate so on your registration form.


You can print out this webpage after filling in the form below and mail it to the centre. We apologise that for technical difficulties you are no longer able to submit form electronically. E-mail registrations (i.e. with registration form in attachment) are welcome.


We acknowledge all registrations within few days of their receipt, and if you have not received any please get in touch as soon as possible.



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Friday 15 July


Walking Tour of Oxford (free)


Saturday 16 July


Sunday 17 July

(the slight increase in full board, day rate & dinner, and dinner rate is due to the Final Conference Dinner)


Tour of Broughton Castle (18)


Monday 18 July



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Email: prosop@history.ox.ac.uk