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Association for History & Computing:


Atelier de Prosopographie

Universite de Nancy 2


Center for Biography Research

European University at St. Petersburg


Clergy of the Church of England Database (CCED)


CPL database (College of Physicians of London and Irregular Medical Practitioners 1550-1640 by Margaret Pelling)


Data processing and the Analysis of Gazettes From the Ancien Régime, an Account of the Work

(Stéphane Haffemayer, University of Grenoble)


Databases of Historical Sources: Principles of Good Design

(Mark Merry, HDS, Essex)


Digitization of Ancient Documents

(CSAD, Oxford)


Domesday Book

(Alecto Publishers)


Durham Liber Vitae: A Digital Edition with Analysis, Interlinked Texts, Images and Research Materials



Early Medieval Coin Find Project



Electronic Beowulf as a Tool for Teaching and Research

(Bodleian Library, Oxford)


Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae

Institute of Historical Research, London


Fontes Anglo-Saxoni

(English Faculty)


French Old Regime Bureaucrats: Indendants de Province, 1661-1790

(Armstrong, John A, University of Wisconsin-Madison)


Gunpowder, Compass and Printing Press

(History Faculty Library, Oxford)


Hagiography Database of the 8th - 10th Century

Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, D.C.


History of Parliament


J.P Genetís website (details of his prosopographical work and other items of interest)


Netwek Interferenzonomastik/Network for Intercultural Onomastics


Medieval Prosopography: History and Collective Biography

University of Michigan


Monastic Matrix

University of Southern California


Oxyrhynchus papyri



Political Elites in Mexico, 1900-1971

(Peter Smith, University of Wisconsin-Madison)


Prosopographia Imperii Romani


Prosopographia Ptolemaica


Prosopographie der mittel-byzantinischen Zeit (PmbZ)



Arts and Humanities Data Service


Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England (PASE)

Prosopography of the Byzantine World



Russian Emperial Beaurocracy, 1762-1881

(Armstrong, John A, University of Wisconsin-Madison)


The Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church


The Database Service (Dr Lorna Scammell, University of Newcastle upon Tyne)


The Great Britain Historical GIS Project



The Hengwrt Chaucer Digital Facsimile

(see also (De Montfort)


The Impact of Computer Technology on Historical Editing

(Donald Haks)


The Lexicon of Greek Personal Names Project



The Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors

The Prosopography of the Neo-Assyrian Empire

(University of Helsinki)


Wilfred Owen Multimedia Digital Archive

(HCU, Oxford)



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