The Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem.

A Dynastic History, 1099-1125.

By Alan V. Murray


Table of Contents


I. The Origins of the Bouillon-Boulogne Dynasty (951-1095).

      1. The Ardennes-Bouillon Dynasty.

      2. The Inheritance of Godfrey of Bouillon.

                  Bouillon and its Territory.

                  The County of Verdun.

                  Stenay and Mouzay.

                  Dispersed Possessions in Brabant and Hesbaye.

                  Godfrey’s Struggle for His Inheritance.

      3. Godfrey of Bouillon as Duke of Lower Lotharingia.

      4. The Counts of Boulogne.

      5. Baldwin of Boulogne before the Crusade.


II. The Course of the First Crusade (1095-99).

      1. The Dissolution of the Ardennes-Bouillon Inheritance.

      2. The Financing of the Crusade.

      3. The Crusading Army of Godfrey and Baldwin.

                  Composition of the Army: From Lotharingia to Asia Minor.


                  Composition of the Army: From Asia Minor to Palestine.

                  The Comitatus Baldewini.


III. Godfrey of Bouillon as Ruler of Jerusalem (1099-1100).

      1. The Election and Title of Godfrey.

      2. The Composition of the Domus Godefridi.

      3. The Dispute Between Monarchy and Patriarchate


IV. Baldwin I as King of Jerusalem (1100-18).

      1. The Accession of Baldwin I.

      2. The Composition of the Ruling Class.

      3. Proximity to Power: Baldwin I and the Ruling Classes.

      4. The Succession as a Source of Conflict.


V. The End of the Bouillon-Boulogne Ascendancy (1118-1125).

      1. The Disputed Succession of 1118.

      2. The Dynastic Connections of the Baldwin II.

      3. The Policies of Baldwin II.

                  Baldwin II and the Nobility.

                  The Regency of Antioch.

                  The Captivity of Baldwin II.

      4. The Attempt to Depose Baldwin II.

      5. Epilogue: Baldwin of Bourcq Secure.





      A. The Descendants of Eustache II of Boulogne.

      B. Principal Witnesses to Documents of Baldwin I.

      C. The Claim of Baldwin II to the Throne of Jerusalem


Prosopographical Catalogue: The Personal Basis of Bouillon-Boulogne Power.



      Documentary Tables.

                  1. Clerical Witnesses to Documents of Baldwin I.

                  2. Lay Witnesses to Documents of Baldwin I.

      Genealogical Tables.

                  1. The Ardennes-Bouillon Dynasty.

                  2. The Descendants of Eustace II of Boulogne.

                  3. The Counts of Boulogne and the Kings of England and Scotland.


                  1. Possessions of Godfrey of Bouillon in Lotaringia.