Resourcing Sources III, 18 December 2000.




Political Networks and Factions Online Prosopography of Medieval Scandinavian Sagas (Bente Opheim, Bergen)


Unity in Diversity: Prosopographies and Their Relationship with Other Databases (David Pelteret, KCL)


Putting Technology to Work: the CD Version of the Prosopography of the Byzantine Empire I, 641-867 (Dion Smythe, Belfast)


Cathedral Almsmen: A New Prosopographical Project (Alannah Tomkins, Keele)


The Woman Who Was Not There: Application of Prosopography to the Study of Marriage Contracts (Laura Napran, Cambridge)


Computerizing Celtic Kings and Clerics: Towards a Prosopography of Early Medieval Ireland (David Thornton, Bilkent, Ankara)


German Prosopography of the Central Middle Ages and the Advent of Data Analysis (Donald C. Jackman, Pennsylvania)


Les Recherches Prosopographiques: le Haut Moyen Age Français (Christian Settipani, CNRS, Paris)


Political and Revolutionary Culture in a German Town 1830-1850. A Prosopographical Approach Based on Sociopolitical Biographies, Kinship Relations and Network Visualizations (Carola Lipp, Goettingen)



The contributions to this seminar, with some additional papers, will be published in History and Computing 12.1



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