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This website contains links to guidelines and resources useful to staff cataloguing Refugee Studies Centre (RSC) Library holdings on OLIS. Until July 2004 all RSC holdings were catalogued on Cardbox and made available online via the RSC web catalogue. New books and reports were also catalogued on OLIS. It was decided to replace Cardbox with OLIS, and so from July 2004, all new RSC material was catalogued on OLIS only.

Records in Cardbox were catalogued according to the HURIDOCS standards for the recording and exchange of bibliographic information concerning human rights. Tables were created showing the MARC equivalent for each HURIDOCS/Cardbox field:

Download the Excel spreadsheet on transferring Cardbox data to OLIS.

Download the Excel spreadsheet on transferring notes in Cardbox to OLIS.

Download the Excel spreadsheet on LCSH equivalents to non-ITRT terms found in the Cardbox notes field.

Useful links

International thesaurus of refugee terminology (ITRT)

OLIS cataloguing documentation

Cataloguer's Desktop

Classification Web


This table shows the number of piece records added to OLIS through the retrospective conversion project. The project started at the end of May 2003.

Time periodPiece records addedTotal pieces added since start of project
May 03-Jul 03161161
Aug 03-Jul 04628789
Aug 04-Jul 059911780
Aug 05-Jul 0611802960
Aug 06-Jul 076703630
Aug 07-Jul 086884318
Aug 08-Jun 096475139

There were 13,273 RSC piece records in total on OLIS on 27 June 2009.