Carlos Vargas-Silva

Carlos Vargas-Silva is an associate professor and senior researcher at the University of Oxford, where he is based at COMPAS. He teaches in Oxford's interdisciplinary graduate program in migration studies and is associate editor of the journal Migration Studies.


Associate Professor and Senior Researcher, Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS)
Principal Investigator, Role of European Mobility and its Impacts in Narratives, Debates and EU Reforms (REMINDER)
Principal Investigator, The Economic Integration of Refugees in the UK (ECONREF)
Co-coordinator, The Economics of Forced Migration Project
Senior Researcher, Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford
Associate Editor, Migration Studies journal
Member, Kellogg College
Affiliate, Latin American Centre

Recent publications (2016 onwards only)

'Return Migration and Economic Outcomes in the Conflict Context', World Development, forthcoming (with S. Fransen and I. Ruiz)
'Remittances to and from the Forcibly Displaced', Journal of Development Studies, forthcoming
'Are Refugees' Labour Market Outcomes Different from those of Other Migrants? Evidence from the United Kingdom in the 2005-2007 Period', Population, Space and Place, forthcoming (with I. Ruiz)
'The Impact of Immigration on Health and Health Care: Evidence from the United Kingdom', in Refugees and Economic Migrants: Facts, Policies and Challenges, ed. Fassani, F., 2016 (with O. Giuntella and C. Nicodemo)
'EU Migration to and from the UK After Brexit', Intereconomics, 2016
'The Labor Market Consequences of Hosting Refugees', Journal of Economic Geography, 2016 (with I. Ruiz)
'Highly Skilled Migrant Workers and the UK Business Cycle', Population, Space and Place, 2016

New working papers

'The Impact of Hosting Refugees on the Intra-Household Allocation of Tasks: A Gender Perspective', UNU-WIDER Working paper, 2017 (with I. Ruiz)
'Differences in Labour Market Outcomes Between Refugees and Other Migrants: Evidence from the UK', SSRN Working paper, 2016 (with I. Ruiz)
'The Impact of Refugee Experiences on Education: Evidence from Burundi', SSRN Working paper, 2016 (with S. Fransen and M. Siegel)
'Immigration and the Reallocation of Work Health Risks', IZA Discussion Paper, 2016 (with O. Giuntella, F. Mazzonna and C. Nicodemo)
'The Effects of Immigration on NHS Waiting Times', Blavatnik School of Government, 2015 (with O. Giuntella and C. Nicodemo)