Carlos Vargas-Silva

Carlos Vargas-Silva is an associate professor and senior researcher at the University of Oxford, where he is based at COMPAS. He is also a member of Kellogg College. He teaches in Oxford's interdisciplinary graduate program in migration studies. Carlos has been a consultant in migration related projects for the Asian Development Bank, European Commission, Inter-American Development Bank, International Labour Organization, International Organization for Migration, World Bank, UK Home Office and the United Nations University. He is Associate Editor of the journal Migration Studies.


Co-coordinator, The Economics of Forced Migration Project
Associate Professor and Senior Researcher, Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS)
Senior Researcher, Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford
Associate Editor, Migration Studies journal
Member, Kellogg College

Recent publications

'Highly Skilled Migrant Workers and the UK Business Cycle', Population, Space and Place, forthcoming
'The Labor Market Consequences of Hosting Refugees', Journal of Economic Geography, 2016 (with I. Ruiz)
'Targeting migration with limited control: the case of the UK and the EU', IZA Journal of European Labor Studies, 2015 (with C. Rienzo)
'The Labor Market Impacts of Forced Migration', American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, 2015 (with I. Ruiz)
'Forced up or down? The Impact of Forced Migration on Social Status', Journal of Refugee Studies, 2015 (with I. Ruiz and M. Siegel)
'The Fiscal Impacts of Immigrants: Taxes and Benefits' in Handbook of the Economics of International Migration, eds. Chiswick, B. and Miller, P., 2015.