Welcome to the external website of our project, "CHINESE WOMEN IN DIVERSE MUSLIM CONTEXTS": developing from within changing environments". This website is designed to showcase the significance of our work. We will also bring from time to time news and stories from our partners in communities and places in China. Thanks for visiting us. We will always be happy to receive your feedback.

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Women's Empowerment in Muslim Contexts (WEMC) is a 5-year Research Programme Consortium funded by the British Government's Department of International Development (DFID). The Consortium consists of eight Key Partners led by the Southeast Asia Research Centre (SEARC), located at the City University of Hong Kong. The International Gender Studies Centre IGS (Queen Elizabeth House, University of Oxford), as one of the Key Partners, works closely with Associate Partners in selected sites in Central and Northwest China. The central focus of research conducted concerns women's indigenous strategies for empowerment.

Dr. Maria Jaschok, Director of IGS and Lead Researcher of the WEMC IGS China Research Component, is responsible for the overall co-ordination of projects in Henan, Beijing, Gansu and Xinjiang.

What does the IGS China Research Component seek to do as part of the WEMC mission?
  • Contribute to an enabling environment for Chinese Muslim women’s individual and collective empowerment.
  • Facilitate the emergence of a more open and fair society where empowerment in its multifaceted nature (socio-economic/cultural/intellectual/spiritual) is within the reach of all.
  • Assess all processes of research, capacity-building and communication in terms of criteria and of values defined by the MDGs (in particular MDGs 1/3/5/8), by the Beijing Platform for Action and by CEDAW, among other instruments.
  • Contribute to the overall purpose of the WEMC mission for imaginative as well as grounded enrichment of approaches to the creation of sustainable models of gender/context-sensitive development.
To inform yourself of the overall WEMC mission, please visit: www.wemc.com.hk

WEMC China, International Gender Studies Centre, Queen Elizabeth House, Department of International Development, University of Oxford