Boat Race Collection: Price List

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China: - see details
S1 Oval Salver, woodcut of the course, colourwashed£ 75.75
RP6 8" Round Plate, Cambridge winning£ 18.00
TK5 Tankard, Oxford winning£ 17.75
TB3 4" Trinket box, towpath scene£ 18.50
MP4 Mini Pill box - towpath scenes£  9.50
AT2 Small Tray, Oxford winning£ 16.50
MO1, MO7
MC2, MC9
"Spy" Coffee Mugs
MO1='Bengie', MO2='Crumb', MC2='Fogg', MC9='Chapman'
£ 8.50
Glass: - see details
PT1 One pint crystal tankard£ 18.50
PT2 Half pint crystal tankard£ 16.75
TG9 Lead crystal tot glass£  7.75
HB7 Lead crystal highball glass£ 12.50
WH4 Lead crystal 11-ounce whisky glass£ 10.50
PW6 Lead crystal paperweight £  9.50
Textiles - Jacquard woven tea-towel £  7.00
Map Woodcut of the Boat Race course £  5.00

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