Wallingford Rowing Club

         WALLINGFORD ROWING CLUB ANNOUNCES FOR THE 1996 / 1997 SEASON ...                                                A new Captain and committee                                             Ewen Honeyman            Captain                         Bob Elliot               Chairman                         Geoff Willis             Secretary                         Tony Swiatoniowski       Treasurer                         Andy Cole                Vice-Captain                                   Pat Lockley              Committee member                         Phil Haycock             Committee member                         Lynch Mason              Committee member                         Andrew Breen             Committee member                                   Andy Stobart             Co-opted committee member                         Derek Farrow             Co-opted committee member                                            Changes to annual subscription rates                                             Full Rowing              145                         Student/Junior           70                         J14/J16                  50                         OAP                      50                         Unwaged                  50                         Non-rowing               70                         Social                   10                         Cox                      10                                              Changes to Sculling Rack Rental                                             Inside                   100                         Outside                  70                    For more information about Wallingford Rowing club, and what it           can offer you, please contact any committee member at the           following address:                         	    Wallingford Rowing Club               	    Thames Street               	    Wallingford               	    Oxfordshire               	    OX10 0HD 
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