Aberdeen 1997 Fours Head

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Information posted by Niki Chambers.

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Aberdeen Small Boats Head - Sunday 2nd November				Course:  3000m				Division 1 - 12:30 pm				Place	Crew	Status	Notes	Time1	ABC (Hendry)	Mens Open 2-	Winner	00:10:252	Strath UBC (Robertson)	Mens Open 2-		00:10:453	ABC (Walters)	Mens Open 2-		00:11:144	ASRA (Marsh)	Mens R2 2-	Winner	00:11:255	ABC (Gibson)	Mens Open 1x	Winner	00:11:256	St Andrew (Grainger)	Wom Open 1x	Winner	00:11:387	ASRA (McNeill)	Mens J16 1x	Winner	00:11:398	ABC (Newton)	Mens Vet 2-	Winner	00:11:429	RGU (Bowe)	Mens R2 2-		00:11:5610	ABC (Law)	Wom Open 1x		00:12:3511	ABC (Logan)	Wom Nov 1x	Winner	00:12:4812	AUBC (Corcoran)	Mens R2 2-		00:12:5013	ABC (Haugom)	Wom Nov 1x		00:13:0614	ABC (Murray)	Wom Open 1x		00:13:1715	ASRA (Emery)	Wom R2 1x	Winner	00:13:2016	ABC (Finlay)	Wom R2 1x		00:13:3117	ABC (Chambers)	Wom Nov 1x		00:13:5518	ABC (Kenworthy)	Wom Nov 1x		00:14:0019	ABC (Pirie)	Wom R2 1x		00:15:12								Division 2 - 13:45 pm				Place	Crew	Status	Notes	Time1	ABC (Hendry)	Mens Nov 1x	Winner	00:11:222	ABC (Gibson)	Mens Open 1x	Winner	00:11:323	AUBC (Milne)	Mens Open 1x		00:11:464	ABC (Newton)	Mens Vet 1x	Winner	00:12:035	AUBC (Squire)	Mens R2 1x	Winner	00:12:276	ABC (Logan)	Wom R1 2x	Winner	00:12:377	ABC (Langley)	Mens R2 1x		00:12:438	ABC (Davies)	Mens R2 1x		00:12:449	ABC (Davidson)	Mens Vet 1x		00:12:4810	Royal West (McPherson)	Mens R2 1x		00:12:5811	ABC (Finlay)	Wom R2 2x	Winner	00:13:0012	ABC (Law)	Wom Open 2-	Winner	00:13:3013	ASRA (Bonsall)	Wom R2 2x		00:13:3914	ABC (Dinardo)	Wom R2 2x		00:13:5015	ASRA (Emery)	Wom Open 2-		00:13:5316	Royal West  	Mens Nov 1x		00:14:1217	ABC (Goodbrand)	Wom R2 2x		00:14:1618	ASRA (McNeill)	Mens R2 1x	Disqualified