Abingdon Regatta 17th August 1997

The Rowing Service

Information posted by David Corney.

Abingdon Regatta August 17th 1997 Results:

The Victor Ludorum was won by Burway.

ScullsCategory	WinnerN 1x (div A)	Henley (Howard)N 1x (div B)	Bewl Bridge (Hussey)S2 1x		Hereford (Walker)S3 1x (div A)	Marlow (Spencer-Jones)S3 1x (div B)	Bewl Bridge (Gwizdala)E 1x		Furnival (Foster)VBC 1x		Cygnet (Keogh)VDE 1x		Eton Mission (Murphy)WN 1x		Hereford (Hart)WS1 1x		Hereford (Fenton)WS3 1x		St Ives (Eastman)PairsCategory	WinnerS1 2-		StainesS3 2-		Burway AE 2-		LeaDoublesCategory	WinnerS3 2x		Henley/Notts UnionE 2x		HerefordVBC 2x		HenleyWS3 2x		AbingdonWE 2x		FurnivalMxS1 2x	WallingfordFoursCategory	WinnerVCD 4-		City Of OxfordN 4+		Walbrook AS2 4+		City of CambridgeS3 4+		BurwayS4 4+		WalbrookVC 4+		City Of Oxford/Upper ThamesWN 4+		AbingdonWS1 4+		Barnes Bridge Ladies WS2 4+		BurwayWS3 4+		MarlowMxS3 4+		ThamesMXE 4+		ReadingEightsCategory	WinnerS1 8+		MarlowS3 8+		HenleyE 8+		ReadingWS2 8+		BurwayMxE 8+		Furnival