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Posted by Marcelo Giraldo.


We are a rowing club of So Paulo city, and we wanted to start our olympicproject to Sidney 2000.Rowing in Brazil it is not so popular, because that weare looking for a advanced rowig centers to increase out tecnic.

Our Team

Our Solicitation

  1. Trainning Period for the athletes.
  2. Trainning Period for the coach.
  3. Possibility to participate in regattas.
  4. Boats to this period.
  5. Acomodation and host with fee or very accesible prices (we have a sponsorfor the air tickets)

* We offer the same conditions to an eventual exchange between your team(acomodation and boats).

Additional Relevant Informations

We^d like to know what international procedures we should follow end ofrespect of documentations should we send a letter of support from rowingBrazil^s confederations?

We are dispositions to you for any kind of contact

Luis Alfredo dos Santos - Team Coach
Rua Gurup, 136 - So Paulo - SPBrasil
zip code: 05027-060
Fax No.00-55-11- 873-7955


The best regards

Marcelo Giraldo,Clube de Regatas BandeiranteSao Paulo - Brasil