Bedford Eights and Fours Head 1996

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Herewith yesterdays results files, overall and sorted within events as usual. The predicted flooding did not occur, though the wind certainly did. Luckily the start marshalling area remained sheltered, but the mid-course section between Star Club and the suspension bridge was dire, with front-loading coxes suffering badly!

Some mis-haps with the bridges, including the Dame Alice School WJ15 octoples - what a sight! CUWBC shipwrecked spectacularly outside the BRC balcony to the delight of the locals and the visiting Oxford contingent, a reasonably scratch BRC WO.8 gained an unexpected victory as a result.

A quick points count by umpire Dods with mobile phone just as the awards ceremony was getting underway moved the winning (by 1 second) S1.8 of Bedford RC to their correct Open status, thus giving Jesus (who had gone home) the victory.

Overall winners were predictably the Star Club rent-a-crew with locals Singfield and Foster combining with not-so-local Searl and co. My attempts at a membership card inspection did not go down too well, what the hell, its just a bit of fun!

Next event, the Bedford Fours & Small Boats Head (the big one...), Sunday 14th April. Adverts going out soon.

Gavin Dods, Bedford.