Clydesdale ARC Head 1997

The Rowing Service

Posted by Julian Howell of Glasgow University.

appaling condidtions so shortened course in two legs. CLYDESDALE ARC HEAD  SUNDAY 2/3/97Conditions poor (Deliverance/Twister)2x2000M approx,1st Division   Club			No	Cat		Time    AwardCastle Semple RC	I	MO8		11:59	MO8Glasgow Univ		I	MO8		12:22Strathclyde Univ	I	MO8		12:33	Aberdeen BC		I	MO8		12:41Clydesdale ARC	I		MO8		13:01(inlc 25s penalty)Berwick/Tyne/Durm	I	MVet8	13:17	MVet8Clydesdale ARC		I	MVet8	14:09Nithsdale ARC		I	MVet8	14:27St Andrew BC		II 	MR2 4+	15:28	MR2 4+George Heriots Sch	II	MJ16 4+	15:28=	MJ16 4+Nithsdale ARC	II		MR2 4+	15:30George Heriots Sch	I	MR2 4+	15:40Heriot-Watt Univ	I	MR2 4+	16:50Nithsdale ARC	III		WJ18 4+	17:04	WJ18 4+George Heriots Sch	IV	WJ18 4+	17:13Nithsdale ARC	X		MJ16 4+	17:30Heriot-Watt Univ	III	MNov 4+	18:02	MNov 4+George Heriots Sch	III	MNov 4+	21:00Heriot-Watt Univ	II	MNov 4+	21:452nd DivisionClydesdale ARC	IV		MO4+		12:39	MO4+Castle Semple RC	II	MO4+		12:43Aberdeen BC		III	Vet4+	13:33	Vet4+George Heriots Sch	V	MR2 4+	13:34	MR2 4+Castle Semple RC	III	MR1 4+	13:43	MR1 4+Clydesdale ARC	III		WO 8		14:19	WO 8Edinburgh Univ	IV		WO 8		14:22Aberdeen BC		II	MR1 4+	14:31Berwick RC		I	Vet 4+	14:49George Heriots Sch	I	WR2 4+	17:16	WR2 4+Castle Semple RC	I	Vet 4+	17:57see for results of Charities Head on 1/3/97 on the Clyde, 4500m approx.