The Commonwealth Rowing Regatta 1999

The Rowing Service

During the week of the Commonwealth Regatta, August 2nd-8th 1999, the English women's lightweight quad crew sent back reports to the Rowing Service. We thought you might like to read them...

Index of stories

Thanks to Victoria(the main typist), Becky, Naomi and Helen.

Good evening all

First bulletin of the tour.....

We arrived in Canada well rested and fully prepared for the two hourdelay at the airport, while some kindly Japanese comandeered our bus for us.This was complemented by a keystone-cops-like chase around for theinevitable missing bags, missing crew members (several missed the flight)and afruitless search for the kit - which was still in Britain, with the missingcrew members who were on the M1 with a puncture. Ah yes - it had allstarted so well....

In fact, we were all in good nick and feeling tired but well. So wearrived at the University - where we did a tad more queueing and gettingsweaty (did I mention how hot it is? Well, it is) and then came into ourpalatial suites. Becks and I turned ours into a nuclear bombsite within 7minutes,and we have thoroughly enjoyed losing our keys, money and sleep init. Meals are a blast - more sumptious food than you can shake a stick at,all to be refused. Bum. The boats are here - all in one piece too, whichis an unexpected bonus. The toilet facilities for the whole course total 4portaloos, which I would hazard a guess at having a bit of strain whenthe event really gets going. So far, only the British riff raff and thePoles are here (yes, that famous outpost of the Commonwealth Empire. Alongwith several other unidentified countries which have been invited), so it isrelatively quiet. All the Canadians are at the Pan American games, butwill probably enter everything. Our event seems to have only 4 knownentries so far - the Canadians, us, Zimbabwe and Northern Ireland.

So today has been recovery, rigging, gentle paddle (did I mention how hot itis? Well it is) and then we went to the shops. YEEAAHH BAABY!! We will bedoing our country proud, and doing our leetle bit for the national debt.

Neither beer, food or sexual activity feature in our daily routine (as yet).However, we are planning the mother of all indulgences after the event. We must now advance, turn left and play frisbee, to get the dinner down.Next update will come just as soon as we have a moment in this most packedof lifestyles.

Miss Wood (plus Becks, Naomi and Helen, all loafing as I write)