The Commonwealth Rowing Regatta 1999

The Rowing Service

During the week of the Commonwealth Regatta, August 2nd-8th 1999, the English women's lightweight quad crew sent back reports to the Rowing Service. We thought you might like to read them...

Index of stories

Thanks to Victoria(the main typist), Becky, Naomi and Helen.

Stormin' in the Stampfli

Update 3

Good evening, AllMiss Ashcroft here. Well, the other two are showering and generallycleaning themselves up (we have told you how hot it is here, haven't we?) sothey've left me to start the next installment. The day started with quite afew black clouds with a bit of lightning thrown in for good measure. AfterI had won the blade carrying (and throwing) competition - yes we do needblades to scull, we went for a video session with the Avon Countylightweight pair and the two men's singles. It's amazing how attractiveeveryone finds our Stampfli and despite being in the middle of a HUGE lakewe all like to use the same water as the next boat. Despite this we allmanaged some good bursts which held together in the rather choppyconditions. The black clouds came to nothing and the day became graduallyhotter and hotter.

In fact yesterday was apparently the hottest it's been here for 45 years.Its so hot!

The Canadians are being very good to us. Vic was busting for her dailycaffeine intake and despite the cafe being closed out came a man offeringcoffees. These worked a treat and within minutes the gang were jabberingaway for the next couple of hours. The effect wore off pretty quickly onBecks so she decided she had to go and get her legs rubbed. We have peopletrained to rub legs here.

The Australian Team has arrived. Vic has correctly pointed out that thereare some rather good looking blokes in the team and as the other three ofthe crew are already "in relationships" that leaves them ALL to me. Whichone to start with first.................oh, back to the rowing.

.....change of author....

Miss Ashcroft has now put her pen away, and Miss Wood has taken over.Somewhere along the line, she omitted to report a significant event. Theblack clouds did give quite a corking storm in the afternoon - accompaniedby some cracking high winds. When the storm had abated, we wisely got outof bed (one must not peak too early) and made our way to the course forthe afternoon's session. Naturally, this excited Naomi immensely, and sowhen we arrrived, she hurried to one of the 4 throbbing Portaloos. They arenow accommodating the British crews, our antipodean cousins, the Poles andlot of natives, so their abilities are being tested to the max. As Naomirushed along to seek relief, she approached her favourite tardis, paddlingthrough some mud and muck. Opening the door, she was greeted with thesource of the muck - for the Portaloo had detonated - having spiralledthrough the air earlier in the day during the storm, spraying it's contentsas it went. Naomi - trapped in a sea of stools - made a valiant escape, andrevealed none of this to her crew mates until we were trapped in a hot carwith her. My how we laughed......

Dad has been looking after us wonderfully - Rosie (henceforth to be known asMum) joins us later tonight, having flown in this evening. Her arrival hasbeen somewhat delayed by the admirable commitment of David Porteus, whoselflessly drove to Toronto Airport this afternoon to pursue the mysteriousmissing luggage. This adventure was all too much for the hard pressed teammanager, who, overexcited by the prospect of a coach's imminent arrival,leapt into his car and drove back here in time for tea - without Mum.Remarkable. And so she is on a bus as I write.

And so I must sign off. However, I must tell you that all today's eventspale in comparison with one. And that is - our boat has started to go likea fecking rocket.......

The Chick's Lightweight Quad