The Commonwealth Rowing Regatta 1999

The Rowing Service

During the week of the Commonwealth Regatta, August 2nd-8th 1999, the English women's lightweight quad crew sent back reports to the Rowing Service. We thought you might like to read them...

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Thanks to Victoria(the main typist), Becky, Naomi and Helen.

Update 6.

Have we told you how hot it is?

Evening All

Today kicked off with a new challenge - how to get a launch whenabsolutely everyone is banned from the course. We have mighty allies in Mumand Dad, who rose to the task magnificently and took on everyone. Theyassailed the Aussies, the Poles and anyone else near a launch. Deep incombat, they instructed us to boat and get on with it - and as we paddledaway from the shore, we were certain that we were going to return to findthem battered senseless by affronted coaches and surrounded by hostilenatives. But never underestimate the power of Mum and Dad - who appeared asif by magic from the bay at 50 miles an hour in the fastest launch in town -lots of Hawaii 5-0 music blaring and making every other crew eat their wash.They thundered up to us and were so pleased with themselves that they losthalf of our group and raised their voices a lot. We love them.

A good outing - no major events. Excellent water for the first timesince we've been here. There was no crashing and no beaching - but I shouldadd that we had lost the two male scullers in our group. Naomi was sodistressed at the loss of her objects of affection that frenziedly soughtout hundreds of male substitutes and chose to clatter into all the bouys onthe course instead. None of us commented on this. Or went on about it.One significant event once again involved the Portaloos - our specialfavourite being towed away heaving and straining - for a full sterilisation.In keeping with the moment, we all filled up and I took some snaps. A lineof 6 blue and green (yes - 6) Portaloos have been erected to cope with theforthcoming activity of a few hundred athletes. I will let you know whattune they hum.

And thence off for a coffee at Robin's Donuts again. Once again, wewatched the baps while the lucky fatweights tucked in. Richard had full cupcontrol today, but Jo Waite more than made up for it by hurling a full trayof tea all over herself and the floor and stirring the v slow staff to lookover the counter and consider cleaning it up.

It's v hot today. Not sure if I've mentioned that so far.

Major event for the day (aside from shopping) was a sedate approach to sometraffic lights which Dad was all ready for, when his foot slipped from thebrake, and he clattered into the back of the car in front. We pulled overto assess the negligable damage, and Dad got out to apologise and use allhis Leander charms. I was expecting a mature and sensible non-Americanresponse from the man - who went on to disappoint hugely by being an utterarsehole, and threatening all sorts of legal bollocks. We wanted to get outand ask him if he knew who we were. But we all knew who we were so we shutit.

The afternoon has been very quiet once again - lots of sitting around,chewing gum and the fat and eating my new Nutrigrain twist bars with creamcheese (but v low fat). Becks has been going bananas to get points onGameBoy (Tetris) in order to be rewarded with a cheesy rocket at the end ofit all (maybe a sensation with which she is familiar - who knows?). Naomihas been severely led astray, and is frequently seen without socks and gothold of GameBoy last night and couldn't stop until 11:30pm. She wasfractious this morning, with poor skin, no socks and was trying to raise thecash to get her own GameBoy - the drug of game playing.....

And so it's fun fun sand and sun, buckets and spades and freshpainted blades (with roses on them. We were concerned that Mr Porteus mighthave forgotten them - so we were getting littlepassport photos of Rosie ready to stick on and flash down the course. Butno need.....). Tomorrow is the opening ceremony - time to nobble theoppo.....

The Tottie.