Winners at Castle Semple Regatta 1998

The Rowing Service

Information provided by Andy Dunn.

CASTLE SEMPLE REGATTA 1998 WINNERSSATURDAY MAY 30thThere was a new record entry of 224Racing was every 5 minutes from 10:00 until 5:30The regatta finished exactly on timeMENOpen 8		Castle SempleOpen 4		Castle SempleOpen 2-		Castle SempleOpen 2x		Castle SempleOpen 1x		Stirling (Watson)Open Lwt 1x	Austin (Simpson)Restricted 1 4	Edinburgh UniRestricted 1 2-	St Andrew Restricted 1 1x	Glasgow (Warnock)Restricted 2 8	Glasgow UniversityRestricted 2 4+	Edinburgh UniversityRestricted 2 2-	Glasgow UniversityRestricted 2 2x	NithsdaleRestricted 2 1x	Aberdeen University (Harfordcross)Novice 8	Heriot'sNovice 4+	Glasgow UniversityNovice 2x	St Leonard'sNovice 1x	St Andrew (Smith)Vet 8		Castle Semple/Clydesdale/Clyde MastersVet 4+		ClydesdaleVet 2-		St AndrewVet 2x		Castle SempleVet 1x		Lake of Mentieth (Law)J18 4+		NithsdaleJ18 2-		NithsdaleJ18 2x		StirlingJ16 2x		St Leonard'sJ16 1x		St Leonard's (Jones)J15 4x+		St Leonard'sJ15 4+		Watson'sJ15 1x		St Leonard's (O'Connor)J14 4x+		Clydesdale / Watson'sJ14 2x		ClydesdaleJ14 1x		Clydesdale (McGrath)J13 and J12 now mixed in Scotland - see belowWOMENOpen 4+		Heriot'sOpen 2-		Edinburgh UniversityOpen 1x		Clydesdale (Watt)Restricted 1 1x	Aberdeen (Logan)Restricted 2 8	Glasgow University Ladies / ClydeRestricted 2 4+	Edinburgh UniversityRestricted 2 2-	ClydesdaleRestricted 2 2x	Castle Semple / ClydesdaleRestricted 2 1x	Stirling (Banks)Novice 4+	Edinburgh UniversityNovice 1x	Watson's (Fitzgibbons)J18 2x		Watson'sJ16 4+		Heriot'sJ16 4x+		Watson'sJ16 1x		Watson's (Howarth)J15 4+		Watson'sJ14 4x+ (A)	St Leonard'sJ14 4x+ (B)	Watson'sJ14 2x		St Leonard'sJ14 1x		Watson's (Ferguson)J13 and J12 now mixed in ScotlandMIXED EVENTSClub 8		Castle SempleOpen 4+		Edinburgh UniversityRestricted 2 4+	Edinburgh UniversityRestricted 2 2x	Castle SempleGeneration 2x	St Andrew / Watson'sJ13 4x+		Watson'sJ13 1x		Watson's (Anderson)J12 1x		Castle Semple (Hague)St Leonard's School (Durham) won the Top Club prize of a an etched glasstrophy and a cheque for 100 for performance on the water along withsportsmanship and good admin with entries.