Evesham Regatta 1997

The Rowing Service

Results posted by Granth Speake on an official basis.

Sat 3rd May.Conditions were ideal for rowing, hardly any wind and a warmish day.Unfortunately these conditions make it ideal for pleasure cruisers as wellallowing the regatta to fall nearly two hours behind. We have plan for nextyear though.Event     Winning Crew             Runner Up                Margin--------------------------------------------------------------------ME8+      Bedford RC          bt   Royal Shrewsbury Sch     CanvasMS28+     Royal ShrewsburySch bt   Pembroke College BC      1/3 lengthMS38+     Cheltenham College  bt   Worcester College BC     1.5 L MS48+     Cheltenham College  bt   RGS Worcester            1 lengthMN8+      Pembroke College BC bt   Worcester College BC     3 lengthsME4+      Staines BC          bt   Bedford RC A             1 1/2 lengthsMS14+     Exeter RC           bt   Bedford RC               1 1/2 lengthsMS24+     Eton Excelsior RC   bt   Evesham RC               2 lengthsMS34+     Cheltenham Collge A bt   Bedford RC               2 lengthsMS44+     Leicester Uni BC    bt   RGS Worcester BC         4 lengthsMN4+FdivA Eton Excelsior RC   bt   Llandaff RC B            EasilyMN4+FdivB RGS Worcester BC    bt   Nottingham and Union RC  3 lengthsMVC4+     Bedford RC          bt   Evesham RC               3/4 lengthMJ154x+   Evesham RC          bt   Kings Sch Worcester BC   EasilyME2-      Evesham RC          bt   Llandaff RC B            3 lengthsMS22-     Weybridge RC A      bt   Weybridge RC B           2 feetMS22x     RGS Worcester       bt   Nottinham and Union RC   Row overMS32x     Evesham RC          bt   Stratford upon Avon BC   Row overME1x      Kingston RC(Fraser) bt   Kingston RC(Andrews)     EasilyMS31x     Eton Exc.(Campbell) bt   Warwick BC(Tarburn)      EasilyMN1x      Evesham RC(Herbert) bt   Uni Coll N Wales(Hobdell)1 1/2 lengthsMJ151x    Evesham RC(Redgwell)bt   Halliford Sch BC(Cocker) 2 1/2 lengthsMVB1x     Bedford RC(Powell)  bt   C. of Sheffield(Stoddart)Row overMVD1x     Notts & Union(Jones)bt   Notts and Union(Miller)  3 lengths WS18+     Kings Sch Worcester bt   Staines BC               1 1/4 lengths WS38+     Kingston RC         bt   Christ Church BC         2 1/2 lengths WN8+      Christ Church BC    bt   Kingston RC              3/4 lengthWS14+     Falcon RC           bt   Burway RC                CanvasWS34+     Kingston RC         bt   Eton Excelsior RC        1/2 lengthWN4+F     Cheltenham Ladies A bt   Staines BC A             3 lengthsWE2x      Derby RC            bt   Hereford RC              EasilyWS11x     Evesham RC (Holton) bt   Evesham RC (Gough)       3 lengthsWS31x     Falcon RC (Jennings)bt   Worcester RC (Wheeler)   1 length WJ151x    Evesham RC (Buckley)bt   Evesham RC (Molloy)      ScratchedMxS14+    Staines BC          bt   Evesham RC A             1 1/4 lengthsSunday 4th May.What a change in the conditions.Strong Head wind and heavy showers throughout the day.Event          Winning Crew             Runners up          Margin----------------------------------------------------------------------ME8+      City of Bristol A   bt   City of Bristol RC       3/4 lengthMS38+     Reading Blue Coats  bt   Staines/BA               3/4 lengthMN8+      Bournemouth Uni BC  bt   Bath Uni BC              1/2 lengthME4+      Staines BC          bt   City of Bristol RC       2 1/2 lengthsMS14+     Exeter RC           bt   Eton Excelsio BC         2 1/4 lengthsMS24+     Evesham RC          bt   Stourport RC             1 3/4 lengthsMS34+     Bewdley RC          bt   Leicester Uni RC         1 1/4 lengthsMS44+     Reading Blue Coats  bt   Bedford RC               2/3 lengthMN4+FdivA Weybridge RC        bt   Hereford RC A            2 lengthsMN4+FdivB Reading Blue Coats  bt   Bournemouth Uni BC C     1/2  lengthMVC4+     Ross RC             bt   Staines/BA               1 3/4 lengthsMVD4+     Derby/Evesham RC    bt   Upton RC                 1 1/2 lengthsMJ154x+   Reading Blue Coats  bt   Evesham RC A             1 lengthMS12-     Gravesend RC A      bt   Hereford RC              ScratchedMS22-     Weybridge RC B      bt   Stourport BC             1/3 lengthMVD2-     Notts Britania RC A bt   Bridgnorth RC            3 lengthsMS22x     Bradford on Avon RC bt   RGS Worcester BC B       1/4 lengthMS32x     Leicester RC        bt   Evesham RC               1 lengthMJ152x    Reading BlueCoats A bt   Reading Blue Coats BC B  Not rowed out ME1x      Kingston RC(Fraser) bt   Kingston RC (Andrews)    1/2 lengthMS31x     RGSWorcester(Thomas)bt   RGS Worcester (Williams) 1/2 lengthMN1x      B'fordonAvon(Brown) bt   Bournemouth Uni(Vincent) 3 lengths MJ151x    Evesham RC(Redgwell)bt   Bewdley RC (Adams)       2 1/2 lengthsMJ141x    Hallif'd Sch(Cocker)bt   Reading Blue Coats(Dix)  1/2 lengthMJ121x    Bewdley (Merchant)  bt   Evesham RC (Buckley)     3 1/4 lengthsMVB1x     Bedford RC (Powell) bt   Evesham RC (Baldwin)     1 1/2 lengthsMVD1x     C. Sheff (Stoddart) bt   Tyne RC (Boyd)           2 lengths WS18+     Kingston RC         bt   Staines BC               3/4 lengthWN8+      Staines BC          bt   Uni Coll North Wales     1 lengthWS14+     Warwick BC          bt   Staines BC               1 1/2 lengthsWS24+     Kingston RC         bt   Staines BC               3/4 lengthWS34+     Eton Excelsior RC   bt   Hereford RC B            1/2 lengthWN4+FdivA Bournemouth Uni BC  bt   Ross RC                  3 lengthsWN4+FdivB Staines BC A        bt   Stourport BC             1/3 lengthWS32x     Hereford RC         bt   Bournemouth Uni BC       1 1/2 lengthsWS11x     Marlow RC (Lee)     bt   Avon County RC (Senior)  1 3/4 lengths WS31x     B'mth Uni BC(Stone) bt   Reading Bl (Sheriff)     2 lengths WN1x      B'mth Uni BC (Ryan) bt   Hereford RC (Hart)       1 LWJ151x    Evesham RC (Emes)   bt   Bewdley RC (Millichap)   EasilyMxS14+    Bath Uni BC         bt   Staines BC               1/2 lengthThat's it I think !!!Thanks everybody for coming, hope to see you next year if not at our Head later in the year.Happy pot huntingGranthan.