Evesham Regatta 1999

The Rowing Service

Published by the organisers.
Saturday results.

Evesham Rowing Club Regatta Results Listing for Sunday 2nd May 1999Event N		Event		 Winning Crew		Runners-up		Margin1		MS18+		Worcester Rowing Club	Bristol Ariel/CityBristol	2 Feet2		MS28+		City of Bristol R. C.,Univ West England R. C	Canvas3		MS38+		Bath University		Stourport Boat Club	1/3 Length4		MS48+		King's Sch Worcester 	Trinity College 		3 Feet5		MN8+		Univ West England  'A'	City of Bristol R. C.	1 1/3 Lengths6		MVC8+		Star/St Neots/Bedford	Bewdley Rowing Club	1 Length7		ME4+		Staines Boat Club	Univ West England R. C.	1/2 Length8		MS24+		Ross Rowing Club	Avon County 		2 1/2 Lengths9		MS34+		Bath University 		Bristol Ariel Rowing Club	1 3/4 Lengths10		MS44+		R.G.S. Worcester B. C	Warwick Boat Club	1 1/2 Lengths11		MN4+F		R.G.S. Worcester B. C	Bath University 		1/2 Length12		MVB4+		Evesham Rowing Club	Leicester Rowing Club	1 Length13		MVC4+		Derby Rowing Club	Bedford Rowing Club	1/2 Length14		MVD4+		Derby Rowing Club	Evesham RC/Weybridge 	3/4 Length15		ME2-		Staines Boat Club	Avon County 		1/2 Length16		MS22-		R.G.S. Worcester B. C	Avon County 		1 1/4 Lengths17		MS32-		Bewdley Rowing Club	Huntingdon  'B'		2 Lengths18		MS22x		Evesham Rowing Club 'A'	Minerva Bath 		1 Length19		MS32x		R.G.S. Worcester B. C	Eton Excelsior R. C	3 Lengths20		MJ162x		Hereford Rowing Club	Gloucester Rowing Club	2 1/2 Lengths21		MJ152x		Avon County 		Evesham Rowing Club 'B'	2 Lengths22		MS11x		Stourport Boat Club 	Burway Rowing Club 	Canvas23		MS21x		Evesham Rowing Club 	Warwick Boat Club 	3/4 Length24		MS31x		Tideway Scullers School	Burway Rowing Club 	1 Length25		MN1x		R.G.S. Worcester B. C. 	R.G.S. Worcester B. C. 	2 1/2 Lengths26		MJ181x		R.G.S. Worcester B. C. 	R.G.S. Worcester B. C.	3 Feet27		MJ161x		Evesham Rowing Club 	Gloucester Rowing Club	1 1/2 Lengths28		MJ151x		Bewdley Rowing Club	Weybridge Rowing Club 	1 1/4 Lengths29		MJ131x		Hereford Rowing Club 	St Neots Rowing Club 	Easily30		MVC1x		Bedford Rowing Club 	Ironbridge Rowing Club	3/4 Length   Hanicap31		WS28+		Weybridge Rowing Club	City of Bristol R. C.	2 Lengths32		WS38+		Univ West England 	Burway Rowing Club	1/2 Length33		WN8+		Bath University 		Univ West England  'Aí	1/2 Length34		WS14+		Warwick Boat Club	Burway Rowing Club	3/4 Length35		WS24+		Staines Boat Club	Worcester Rowing Club	1 1/4 Lengths36		WS34+		Bournemouth Univ B. C	Stourport Boat Club	1 Length37		WS44+		Bournemouth Univ B. C	Evesham Rowing Club	1/2 Length38		WN4+F		Llandaff Rowing Club 'A'	Hereford Rowing Club	1 1/4 Lengths39		WS32x		Bewdley Rowing Club 'B'	Bewdley Rowing Club 'A'	3/4 Length40		WN2x		Burway Rowing Club	Evesham Rowing Club	2 1/4 Lengths41		WJ152x		Hereford Cathedral   'A'	Hereford Cathedral  'B'	Scratched42		WS21x		Leicester Rowing Club 	King Edward VI School	3/4 Length43		WN1x		Leicester Rowing Club 	Eton Excelsior R. C. 	2 1/2 Lengths44		WJ161x		Evesham Rowing Club 	Bewdley Rowing Club 	3 Feet45		WJ141x		Stourport Boat Club 	Burway Rowing Club 	1/2 Length46		WJ131x		Hereford Cathedral 	Hereford Rowing Club 	1 1/2 Lengths