LEH and GB Juniors tragically lose bright rowing hope

The Rowing Service

Posted at the request of the family.

Anna Fangen, a sixteen year old LEH and GB Junior oarswoman, was involved ina serious accident on Thursday, 8 April. She suffered major head injuries anddespite initial progress, died of a heart attack at 1:15 p.m. on Sunday, 11April.

Anna was an extremely talented athlete whose enthusiasm and dedication to thesport were an inspiration to all those she rowed with. Her tragic death ismourned by her family, friends and all those at LEHBC who were privilegedenough to row with her and coach her.

All those willing to express their condolences to the family are invited tomake a donation to SPARKS (SPort Aiding medical Research for Kids).

SPARKS, Sara Pring, Francis House, Francis Street SW1 1DE. 0171 931 8899

The Rowing Service is able to accept messages for the family and will pass these on to them immediately.