FISA Masters 1997, Australia

The Rowing Service

The results for the FISA International Masters regatta 1997 were sent to the Rowing Service via a third party, Peter Morrison, to whom much thanks. They have been split into age groupings and put online here until it will be possible to transfer them into the main FISA archive. Any disputes about times, names, or other details should be referred directly to the organisers via a non-electronic medium.

Results Index

Amin. age 27MenWomen and Mixed
Bavge age 36+MenWomen and Mixed
Cavge age 43+MenWomen and Mixed
Davge age 50+MenWomen and Mixed
Eavge age 55+MenWomen and Mixed
Favge age 60+MenWomen/Mixed F, G, H
Gavge age 65+MenSee above
Havge age 70+MenSee above

These results have been configured to look best using Monaco 9-pointfont.
Names are given for the winning crews.

Hints on finding results: Click on the right age range and thenuse the "search" or "find phrase" button on your browser to look for specific club or personal names. Some variable abbreviations have been used by the organisers. The category letters are used for age ranges, plus 1x, 4+, 8+, 2- etc where appropriate. Within each event separate races are denoted by H1, H2 (heats 1, 2) etc.

Mixed-age events (raced using standard FISA handicaps) are indexed under the youngest age category.

The numbers after the names refer to the year the oarsperson was born in, eg 34 is 1934 and 60 is 1960. Thanks to my expert adviser for explaining this.