Geeveston Rowing Club results

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Posted by Bev Burgess.

Results of Tasmanian Championships 20, 21st February, 1999at Lake Barrington, (Tasmania, Australia).


Mens' Lightweight Single Scull1.Darren Balmforth - Geeveston Rowing Club - 7.00.832.Simon Burgess - Geeveston R. C. -                  7.07.003.S. Broad - Huon R.C.-                                       7.09.65Mens' Senior A Double Scull1. Geeveston ( Simon, Darren) - 6.24.122. Geeveston ( Anthony, Bob) -   6.31.113. Huon ( Butler, Broad)   -          6.28.48Mens' Senior A Coxless Four1. Geeveston Rowing Club set a World Pace. They won the race in a timeof 5.50.28 from Huon and Mersey Clubs . Coach Sam Le Compte was pleasedwith the crew's time. This crew won the bronze madal at last year'sWorld Championships in Cologne.SundayMens' Senior A Single Scull1.Darren Balmforth- (Geeveston Rowing Club) -7.44.192.B. Long - (Tamar)                                          -7.46.073.Shane Broad (Huon) -                                     -7.52.18Men's Senior A Quad Scull1.Geeveston - 6.06.432.Huon -         6.10.623.Lindisfarne-6.30.84Senior A Men's Pair (coxless)1.Geeveston (Richards, Edwards)                            -6.46.122.Geeveston( Burgess,Balmforth)                           -6.53.142.Huon (Butler, Russell)-6.53.88From 6 starts the Geeveston Rowing Club comprising Simon Burgess, DarrenBalmforth, Anthony Edwards and Bob Richards  won 6 championships. What agreat effort!   Bev Burgess (secretary)