The Thames Headcase Challenge

The Rowing Service

From the Rowing Service readership, one of whose members brought you the immensely inventive and popular Geek Test, here is another little idea, dreamt up by an RS reader with far too much time on his hands....

From Blaine Castle:

Good Friday saw a host of international scullers challenging for the ThamesWorld Sculling Championships. How about an event for the average cluboarsperson?

For those who compete regularly over the Championship Course betweenMortlake and Putney, how about a league style event? The winner has thefastest combined time for each of your boats in the Pairs Head, Fours Head,Eights Head (Men or Women), Veterans Head and Scullers Head.


It has been my goal for the past three years to compete in the 5 TidewayHeads, but I have only ever manged four. So we could take the fastest fourtimes from the events. I would be happy to maintain the list, if the respondents sent their results direct to me.

To start off the challenge, here are my results:

Pairs	Fours Head	Eights Head	Vets Head	Scullers	Totaln/a	19:18.08 (4x)	18:47.62	19:19		tba		56.84.7
Bedford RC

Note from the Rowing Service - if enough people start sending Blaine results, they will be hosted on a page linked off here.